Valentine’s Day is about showing love

Jillian Ballard

Many people have marked Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday” but if you’re in a committed relationship you’re expected to celebrate this romantic holiday.

Although you should show your significant other love on a daily basis, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for showing that person how much you love them with gifts and romantic plans. Whether it’s with flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or dinner and a movie, people in relationships should be doing something on this romantic holiday.

Lately I’ve noticed that young couples are spending thousands of dollars on jewelry and other accessories for each other after dating for only a short period of time. Why are couples spending so much money on each other when the relationship might not even last? Is it that important to have diamonds or a Tiffany’s necklace from your boyfriend or girlfriend after only dating a few months? Gift giving is important while in relationships, but getting someone the right gift for the length of time that you’ve been together is more important.

If you’re in a committed relationship there are a few things you should know about giving gifts on this lovers’ holiday. If you’ve been in a relationship for under a year, do not go out and spend more than $500 on the person, because you’re investing a lot of money without a lot of time being invested in the relationship. Play it smart and stick to doing something simple. The best gift you could give him or her is a card, flowers and dinner. Do something to celebrate the day, especially if it’s your first Valentine’s Day together. Take some initiative so your significant other knows you care about and love them.

If you’ve been together a year to two years a gift is a must, but it still doesn’t have to be a diamond. A nice sterling silver necklace or ring would be a great Valentine’s gift. Traditional and modern anniversary gifts such as silver are not given as a wedding anniversary gift until the couple has been together for 25 years. So couples of fewer than two years shouldn’t feel pressured to get their boyfriend or girlfriend a diamond, despite what the jewelry stores try to advertise this week. “A diamond is forever…”- but is the relationship?

There are lots of other gifts out there that people in relationships could give one another, and it doesn’t all include jewelry. Clothes, handbags (for the ladies), shoes, video games and gift cards to their favorite stores make great gifts. Spending quality time with your boyfriend or girlfriend makes them feel special on that day as well. I’m not saying they shouldn’t feel special any other day, but it is Valentine’s Day so quality time is important.

For people like myself who have been with their boyfriend or girlfriend for more than three years, the relationship is considered to be more serious than others, so special plans should be made with your significant other. Going on a weekend vacation to San Diego or Catalina is a good idea. Ladies should buy a little something special to wear in the bedroom from either Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood for that romantic night. Men should purchase roses and spread rose petals around the room and light candles for romance.

If you can’t afford to go away, at least clean your room, and make it a nice romantic room similar to a hotel room. Clean sheets, vacuum, no dirty laundry or foul odors. Clean everything, and if you can afford it purchase some red sheets or silk sheets for the special occasion.

Valentine’s Day is about showing the person you’re with how much you love them. I don’t care about the clich?s that it’s a made-up, corporate holiday to get people to spend money and show their love when they should do it everyday. I say buy into the Valentine’s Day love-fest, and go all out if you can. Make them feel special on this special occasion to show love. Don’t view the holiday as made-up or a corporate holiday. Do something with your significant other to prove how much you care, but do continue to do this day after day while in a relationship. And remember that you don’t have to spend tons of money on them, after all we are college students. Be creative in your efforts to prove your love.