The Burrito Project

John DuBois

The Los Angeles Burrito Project is a group of friends who meet once a week to help make a difference in their community. Using materials bought by the members themselves and donated by local restaurants, they make 300 to 400 burritos for the disenfranchised people of downtown Los Angeles. The members chose to wear bandanas to obscure their faces in photographs, although they do not wear them during the rest of the ride. “We are a no-fame, no-faces organization with no leader or headquarters. We would rather profit with personal satisfaction than personal recognition,” states the LA Burrito Project Mission Statement. On their designated night, by way of bicycles, the group travels through downtown L.A. delivering hope in the form of burritos from their messenger bags. Through their Web site,, and their MySpace profile at, the L.A. Burrito Project has inspired eight new burrito project chapters around the United States as well as a falafel project in Damascus, Syria.