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Students can’t be informed about campus events without signs

Students rush around the campus during the first week of school to attend classes, buy books and visit the Student Recreation Center. CSUN does not usually enroll a large number of students in the spring semester compared to the fall, which had the largest number of freshman in the campus’ history. (File Photo / Loren Townsley / The Sundial)

Signs are an everyday forgotten aspect within society. Think about it, there are signs around people every day.

There are posters in rooms, directions and labels on packages of food, other personal effects, signs on the road and directions on paperwork.

My point: signs are everywhere and without them we would be lost.

When we have questions, especially if there is no one around, we look for a sign that will hopefully contain information. We use these items in our everyday lives to point us in a direction and give us knowledge.

However at CSUN, there is almost no signage.

Throughout my four years at this institution, it has become a clear pattern of students who are simply unaware of the various school events on and around campus. This includes myself.

There are certain events and school functions every young child dreams of attending. There is the conventional car wash, the football games, sorority and fraternity parties portrayed in cheesy teen movies.

However, these elements are lacking from the social life of every CSUN student.

This is simply because CSUN has little signage around campus. It is difficult to communicate with the student body when school events are going to take place without the use of signs.

College thrives on the participation and dedication of students.

However no one is able to hear about the college events. It is cumbersome for the average student to participate and be active while in their collegiate careers.

How can a student be asked to attend or join clubs on campus when they are unaware of their existence?

Based on encounters with students from past and current classes, it is clear the school needs more signage. The only time a student can understand what is happening on campus, is if they walk through the University Student Union.

However, some students never do.

This may happen because all their classes are on the opposite side of the campus. Furthermore, it may also be that most students who attend CSUN are commuters. The individuals are there to go to class and leave.

With the lack of signage and the lack of informed students attending regular campus events, the overall spirit is considerably low. If students are unaware of the events going on throughout campus, it is difficult to boost some type of camaraderie.

If someone takes a serious look at the events going on, there are fun and interesting events on campus. However, this knowledge should be made readily available to the student body.

Let’s face it, students are lazy. We do the bare minimum in order to get our degrees.

If these events were made easily accessible, there would probably be more students willing to attend.

However, since students have to search for events, they are less likely to because they are lazy.

The world seems to be faced with nothing but problems these days. However, the problems on campus can be easily solved.

To put it simply, we need more signs.

We need them plastered all around campus, not just by the USU. Put them in classrooms, make them more accessible online and have announcements centered around the various events.

If the school promotes events that happen on campus, more students would attend and the overall morale would increase. A more actively involved school creates a more actively involved student body.

These small changes in our school system will ultimately guide the student body towards active community participation and spirit. If the school made it more of a priority to promote school events, the student body would undoubtedly follow suit and want to participate.

Lets make change happen. Lets participate and become active members in our college years.

– Laura Georgia, 21, is a CSUN communication major.

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