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Finance Committee exercises restraint in latest recommendations

The Associated Students Finance Committee members are concerned with the quickly disappearing unallocated funds. With only the first four weeks of school behind them, they find that $34,970 remains in their budget, with more to be spent next week, depending on Senate decisions.

This concern was brought up over and over again at their weekly meeting on Monday as committee members debated about how much funding was appropriate for each organization’s request. There was a clash of opinions as members tried to remain fair while still keeping the coming weeks in mind.

“Requests usually slow down at some point. Who knows, that may be next week, so make sure you are not short-changing groups now in preparation for requests that may not come,” General Manager David Crandall said to the committee members at the meeting.

The Finance Committee will recommend that the Senate allocate $4,000 to the Spirit and Homecoming Committee in anticipation of the upcoming events scheduled for Homecoming Week.

Representatives from the committee attended the meeting, where they explained what the money they requested would be used for. The amount that the finance committee settled upon is less than a quarter of the original amount that the group requested.

Finance Committee member Jim Palmer, who represents the College of Education, made the motion to recommend that the Senate grant $4,000. Taiba Kator-Mulk, representing the College of Math and Science, seconded the motion. Three representatives were in favor of the recommended amount, while two others chose to abstain from the vote.

The committee also recommended that the Senate allocate $2,550 to Student Production and Campus Entertainment for their “Sometimes I Cry” program, which is dedicated to raising awareness about women affected by HIV/AIDS.

SPACE requested $9,500 for the event, $8,000 of which would go to a guest speaker, Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is an actress, director, producer and writer.

Palmer motioned to recommend $4,000 for this event but after no second to the motion it was dropped. Palmer made a second motion to recommend $2,550. The motion passed with four votes in support and one against.

The Kinesiology Majors Club also requested funds for their 6th Annual CSUN Run, Walk and Roll event. The event is a fundraiser for The Center of Achievement, an aquatic and land-based exercise program for children and adults with special needs.

A request of $5,725 was made, but the committee recommended an allocation of $2,500, in addition to funding the insurance needed for the event.

With Fit Fest rolling around, ASREC Sports requested $12,950 in funding, which would contribute to vendors, giveaways, and the possibility of getting Richard Simmons to lead a workout section on campus, a representative of ASREC Sports said.

The committee recommended $2,000 to the program plus $1,000 that would go to fund the reusable tent that ASREC had requested. The motion passed with three votes for it while two members abstained from the vote.

CSUN Chabad was recommended a total of $1,000 for two events. One is an event held for the Jewish holiday Purim, while the other is a weekly night class called Jewish Essentials.

Other recommendations for allocations included $400 to Elena Sosnovskaya, a graduate student in the sociology department, who plans to attend the Pacific Sociology Annual Meeting in Oakland, Calif. Anne Huddleston, a graduate student in the history department, was recommended to receive $400 so she can attend a Graduate Research Seminar in Mississippi.

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