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  • August 11Joe Biden selects CA Senator Kamala Harris as VP running mate
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A.S. elections cancelled

Adolfo Flores

October 30, 2008

' For at least the third time in a row Associated Student elections encountered technical difficulties which caused the Elections Committee to suspend the elections and void all the ballots. A.S. is opting for paper ballot voting next month because they couldn't guarantee the integrity of the votes, th...

A.S. elections are completely electronic for the first time

Adolfo Flores

October 29, 2008

The Associated Student Senate elections were for the first time completely electronic and according to officials no major issues occurred. This election was expected to produce a higher informed voter turnout. Students could vote from the comfort of their home or go to one of the four polling stations...

Financial crisis hits home for students

Adolfo Flores

October 23, 2008

She took comfort in the fact that she would receive financial aid, but the aid was denied as the California State University coped with the increase in fees, high enrollment and a budget $100 million short of what the CSU expected to be funded. Heartfield is now paying her tuition out-of-pocket. 'I don...

Recommendation for senators? pay raise approved

Adolfo Flores

October 22, 2008

A two-part recommendation, introduced by the Internal Affairs committee of Associated Students, to potentially increase the stipend Senators receive was passed by the student government. This comes after the Internal Affairs Committee noted that there was a discrepancy in the A.S. Students Spring 20...

Mexican journalist discusses coverage of Zapatista movement and censorship

Adolfo Flores

October 8, 2008

After publishing her new book, 'Mexico Armado' at the beginning of last year, Mexican journalist Laura Castellanos visited CSUN on Thursday, Oct. 2. She not only discussed her book, experiences covering the Zapatistas, an indigenous autonomous group, and the student protests of the 60s, but her experiences as...

A.S. considers raising senators? pay

Adolfo Flores

October 8, 2008

The Associated Students Internal Affairs Committee is considering a resolution that would raise the stipend that senators and chairpersons receive for their duties by $50. The Central American United Student Association also requested $1,000, which was reduced to $700 because $300 that had previousl...

Counseling center offers help

Adolfo Flores

October 2, 2008

In the wake of several student deaths, Dr. Mark Stevens, director of University Counseling Services, explains the importance of reaching out for help even if you don't necessarily think you're affected. What types of grief services can students receive from university counseling services? When students...

Vigil brings together family, friends of student killed in Metrolink crash

Adolfo Flores

September 30, 2008

Almost two weeks to the day she passed away, family, friends and professors gathered at the dorms for a night vigil honoring the memory of Aida Magdaleno. Aida was one of the 25 people who perished in the Chatsworth Metrolink accident. The 19-year-old was planning on graduating with a degree in sociol...

From paint brushes and spray cans, to film

Adolfo Flores

September 29, 2008

Henry Fernandez finds it funny how his short time in Scotland inspired him to write a script for a film based in his native East Los Angeles, but it makes sense to him. 'When you're so far from home, you become aware of all the subtleties from home, like the taco truck smells and the people walking o...

A.S. discusses increasing voter turnout

Adolfo Flores

September 24, 2008

Apart from allocating money to clubs, organization's and themselves Associated Students is working to increase voter turnout for the November elections by registering voters. Vianney Moran, legislative affairs chair, is spearheading the cause and called upon A.S. to take a more active role in regist...

NTSB finds Metrolink engineer sent text messages before crash

Adolfo Flores

September 18, 2008

As the investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board continues, the agency is narrowing the blame of the Metrolink accident to human error. NTSB received Metrolink engineer Robert Sanchez's phone call and text messaging records, following reports that he was text messaging teenage train ent...

A.S. allocates $3,500 to rollerhockey, $300 to Armenian club

Adolfo Flores

September 17, 2008

While allocating club funds is nothing new for A.S. it doesn't mean the discussion doesn't get heated. The Armenian Student Association requested $300 for their Independence Day Celebrations. Some senators were hesitant due to the fact that the club had received funding for another independence event las...

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