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?Halo Wars? is fun but simple

Albert Aguilera February 25, 2009

Coming March 3 is the latest installment to the Halo series, and it's not a first person shooter. Instead it's a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game (as Halo was originally intended) brought to us by the great...

The Academy Awards: Winners, losers and dark horses

Albert Aguilera February 19, 2009

Best Picture nominees: 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' 'Frost/Nixon' 'Milk' 'The Reader' 'Slumdog Millionaire'' Winner Slumdog will take the Oscar home simply because it took everything home at...

Eat, drink and be merry

Albert Aguilera February 17, 2009

In the far off land of Orange County inside the province of Buena Park lies the kingdom of Andalusia. Behind its mighty walls you will find the tournament of champions where several knights from different...

Famous for reputation, not taste

Albert Aguilera February 11, 2009

There are a lot of things in Hollywood that are famous for simply being famous. There's Grauman's Chinese Theater, famous because it's the Chinese Theater. Then there's Paris Hilton, one of many celebrities...

The finer points of BBQ and nearby finger-lickin’ joints

Albert Aguilera May 10, 2006

In my quest for the ultimate BBQ knowledge, I sat down with 20-year veteran chef Lenny Bent. When this guy isn't feeding your American Idol or fueling the Mind of Mencia, he's running around the kitchen...

MI:3; oh wow, chases and explosions

Albert Aguilera May 5, 2006

OK so my favorite Scientologist, Tom Cruise, is back in the role of agent Ethan Hunt. The third installment to "Mission: Impossible" is non-stop action. As if it were set to a timer, every 15 minutes...

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