The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Hispanic Access Initiative draws controversy at CSUN

Ana Cubias June 8, 2007

Originally Published January 31, 2007 The Hispanic Access Initiative, a recruiting program at CSUN aimed at increasing the number of U.S. military officers of Hispanic decent, remains open for discussion...

Bush’s March South America tour ineffective, professors say

Ana Cubias April 10, 2007

On March 10, President George W. Bush traveled on a seven-day tour to Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico in an effort to regain popularity in Latin America, to address topics of interest for...

War in Iraq continues amid truth and consequences

Ana Cubias March 16, 2007

Four years after the invasion, the Bush administration's efforts to create a democratic society in Iraq - following the declaration of war on terror - has not led to the results the American government...

DREAM act offers hope to undocumented students

Ana Cubias March 13, 2007

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, also known as the DREAM Act, was reintroduced to the House of Representatives on March 1, representing some hope for the legalization of many...

CSUN professors speak out on risks, indignity of genital mutilation

Ana Cubias March 7, 2007

Thousands of women undergo female genital mutilation as a cultural tradition in countries such as Sudan, Egypt and Somalia, leaving women in pain and without sexual pleasure. However, this practice goes...

Reed approves Central American Studies major for CSUN

Ana Cubias March 2, 2007

The Central American Studies bachelor's degree was approved by Cal State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed on Thursday and will be fully implemented at Cal State Northridge this fall. Now that it has...

Tax Assistance Program thrives at Northridge

Ana Cubias February 21, 2007

The first time he helped someone to prepare tax forms, he was nervous. He felt uncomfortable knowing that if he did not do it right, he could get in trouble, but once the first customer was satisfied the...

Deadlines getting closer to add or drop classes

Ana Cubias February 14, 2007

As the last day to drop or add a class without being penalized gets closer, the possibilities for students to drop a class after the fifth week are narrowed down to extreme circumstances such as medical...

Immigration fee hikes

Ana Cubias February 12, 2007

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services authorities have proposed a fee increase of about 66 percent on applications for naturalization, residency and work permits, promising an improvement on the services...

A look at toll of war, sacrifices made for U.S citizenship

Ana Cubias February 7, 2007

What is on the minds of our soldiers as they return home? Perhaps the camp sites, the heavy artillery of war, or maybe the peace and excitement of returning home to their families. Are the soldiers satisfied...

Noriega soon to be released from jail

Ana Cubias February 6, 2007

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is soon to be released and turned over to Panama's custody after serving over fifteen years in a U.S. prison. Former military leader and president, Manuel Noriega,...

Troop surges are not answer in Iraq, CSUN professors say

Ana Cubias February 2, 2007

President George W. Bush's order to send 21,500 troops to Iraq to provide security for Iraqi civilians may not be the best solution, and in the long term might backfire, said CSUN political science professors....

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