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‘Star Trek’ cast discusses lofty expectations

Andrew Fingerett April 15, 2009

Chris Pine (Captain Kirk)' and Zachary Quinto (Spock) sat down for a question-and-answer session to discuss their characters and pressures from fans to live up to high expectations. Q: You've mentioned...

?Lost? in translation

Andrew Fingerett March 25, 2009

Now in its fifth season, 'Lost' has held us all in its grips for years, eagerly waiting for the next episode to answer our questions while simultaneously posing even more. But 'Lost' represents more than...

Stem cell research represents life, not death

Andrew Fingerett March 17, 2009

Reason finally trumped ideology as President Barack Obama lifted many of the arcane and politically extreme executive limitations on embryonic stem-cell research. The move comes in the face of growing...

Zombies have never been so fun

Andrew Fingerett March 16, 2009

9.0 out of 10 Intense, addictive gameplay and gorgeous visuals make 'Resident Evil 5' a worthy evolution of its venerable predecessor. Though marred by an unusually shallow plot and cheesy dialogue, its...

Do not watch the ‘Watchmen’

Andrew Fingerett March 9, 2009

Visually stunning but psychologically superficial, 'Watchmen' grossly and often humorously exaggerates its action sequences while simultaneously snubbing the philosophical underpinnings that made the graphic...

The 140 Inquisition: Apathy?s answer

Andrew Fingerett January 23, 2009

The provost's office recently issued a press release discussing steps the university will take to meet the demands of a hamstrung budget. The number of full-time entering freshmen will be reduced from...

In case you didn?t know: Retailers are people, too!

Andrew Fingerett December 4, 2008

Gunfire in a Toys R' Us. A Wal-Mart employee trampled to death. It's that time of year again, Black Friday and the holiday shopping rush. The time of year when people will literally kill to save 20 bucks...

Sarah Palin: Why is she still the face of the GOP?

Andrew Fingerett November 20, 2008

At first I thought it was slightly amusing that the furor over Gov. Sarah Palin still hasn't calmed. Maybe I'm na'iuml;ve, but I really thought people would just forget about her and, a few years from...

ASO hosts fashion show as part of Africa Week

Andrew Fingerett November 17, 2008

An African-themed fashion show and banquet was held Friday as the culminating event in the African Student Organization's (ASO) Africa Week. While the program began an hour late and was hampered by constant...

Since when did civil rights become a legal issue?

Andrew Fingerett November 11, 2008

Proposition 8 has passed. I am disgusted. This event exposed one of democracy's terrible faults: the tyranny of the majority over the minority. A gay couple's right to marriage is not simply a political,...

Students vote for candidates, but don?t know why

Andrew Fingerett November 5, 2008

Students lined up last night at a polling station in the dormitories to cast their ballots and, while almost everyone said they voted for Obama, most of them did not know why. Ismael Villarreal, a psychology,...

Matador Nights draws less than expected

Andrew Fingerett November 3, 2008

Costumed students ran amok Friday night at the University Student Union's annual Matador Nights Halloween. The event took place outside the USU and included a wide variety of events, such as a fortune...

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