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CSSA begins search for new student trustee

Ashley Gordon

January 20, 2010

Miles Nevin, executive director of the California State Student Association (CSSA), made a presentation at this week’s Associated Students (A.S.) Senate meeting. One of his main objectives was to announce that the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees is currently looking for a student to fill the seat of student trustee. “We are looking for someone...

Elections code revisions expected

Ashley Gordon

January 19, 2010

Associated Students (A.S.) Elections Director Dan Monteleone announced that spring elections would take place April 20 and 21 during yesterday’s A.S. Senate meeting. After the success of an online voting system during fall 2009’s senate elections – the first online system to work after three previous attempts – the elections committee ...

CSUN student dies in motorcycle accident

Ashley Gordon

November 30, 2009

CSUN student Aandrea Reblynn, a psychology major who landed a main role in the presently running theatre production “Six Characters in Search of an Author” died Nov. 24 in a motorcycle accident. Reblynn, a 27-year-old junior at the time of death, was entering the U.S. Highway 101 onramp in Hollywood at Highland Avenue when her motorcycl...

Conquer the land

Conquer the land

Ashley Gordon

October 20, 2009

It was just one of those Friday nights. With little else to do, CTVA majors Christian Mikkelson and Miles Dahl decided to ride their bikes on an April night. With no particular destination in mind, they found their carefree ride out of Northridge took them to North Hollywood. “It was just one of those nights, just like an adventure,”...

Staff Editorial: Me comes before mobile

Ashley Gordon

October 2, 2009

The advent of wireless Internet connection has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s allowed people the ability to work more efficiently and remain consistently accessible. On the other, it’s allowed people the ability to work too efficiently and remain consistently too accessible....

CSUN grad student, Esha Momeni, shares the story of her imprisonment in Iran and her return home

Ashley Gordon

August 21, 2009

She’s home. Esha Momeni, a CSUN mass communications graduate student who was imprisoned and later under a travel ban in Iran, returned to the United States on Aug. 11. As she sat in CSUN’s Valley View News studio Aug. 13 awaiting the start of her first interview since arriving in Los Angeles, the conversation revolved around her plans to see the latest Harry Pott...

Redefining the 1st Amendment

Ashley Gordon

May 3, 2009

The CSUN student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) will hold its 18th annual Kenneth S. Devol First Amendment Forum May 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the University Student Union's Balboa Room. The event, titled 'Endangered Species: College Media as Campus Watchdogs in the Digit...

Proposition 1A raises concerns

Ashley Gordon

April 29, 2009

As California residents prepare to vote in the May 19 statewide special election, one proposition among a cluster involving the budget has created concern among faculty and students within the California State University (CSU) system. Proposition 1A, along with 1B through 1E, was approved to appear...

Three More Months

Ashley Gordon

April 19, 2009

It was a little more than 30 hours before his flight. 'I've had fun,' said CSUN kinesiology major Brenden Nakamine with a laugh that hinted to mischief in his activities. 'For the most part it's kind of been like a two-and a- half week spring break for me.' The impending flight wasn't taking him to an...

Accusations fly after first round of elections

Ashley Gordon

March 30, 2009

' The Associated Students Elections Committee approved bans on e-mail distribution via university resources and the Students for Change slate's campaign stickers Monday during a formal complaint meeting. The committee also found that an error in voter guides placed at polling stations during the g...

New campus housing fosters freshman interaction

Ashley Gordon

March 24, 2009

Construction on the $30.1 million new student housing complex, created to promote social engagement among its residents, will be completed by May 2009. 'The new residence halls are designed to create social interaction that will help first-year students get to know one another and become better connected...

The military should embrace honesty

Ashley Gordon

March 18, 2009

The more I say the phrase 'don't ask, don't tell' the more childish in nature it becomes. It's like the bargaining that children make on a playground during recess. 'I'll let you play kickball if you don't tell the teacher I ate your cookie.' Unlike the blackmailing phrases that spring from the mouth...

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