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Occupy movement comes to CSUN

Braulio Campos

October 13, 2011

CSUN Greens and other student activist groups organized Occupy CSUN Thursday, participating in solidarity with 100 other universities in a movement to Occupy colleges. Bringing the protest to campus was meant to raise awareness for the Occupy movement and give students a chance to participate if th...

KCSN to begin taking on-air donations Oct. 14

Karen Kearns, general manager of KCSN, sits in the control room of KCSN located in the VPAC. Simon Gambaryan / Daily Sundial

Braulio Campos

October 6, 2011

Clarification:  The classical KCSN format was struggling due to a lack of federal funding, which resulted in changing the format from classical to triple A, and hiring Sky Daniels as program director in June to spearhead the new format.     KCSN 88.5 FM will begin taking on-air donations on Oct. 14 in or...

Battling depression as a college student

Braulio Campos

October 4, 2011

>>Some names have been changed to protect identities. For Rich Foster, life was not something to be happy about. Thoughts of self-contempt and guilt were ever-present companions in his daily life. Though he managed to get up every morning and face the day ahead, a repeated discontentment with his...

Proposition to tax California oil for education

The 76 Gas Station on Nordoff, accross the street from CSUN. A new proposed bill will impose a tax on oil extraction that will produce around $3 billion per year for education in California. Photo Credit: Andres Aguila / Daily Sundial

Braulio Campos

October 3, 2011

What do schools and oil companies have in common? Nothing yet, but if a California initiative passes, taxes on one could be given to another. Initiative 1481 proposes to put a 15 percent per barrel severance tax on California oil, and Cypress College political science professor, Perry Matthews has been try...

Californians occupy Los Angeles City Hall in protest

Hundreds of protesters stand outside Los Angeles City Hall to make their voices heard on Saturday. Photo Credit: Jessica Albano / Contributor

Braulio Campos

October 2, 2011

Hundreds of protesters marched in downtown Los Angeles Saturday in a show of solidarity with fellow protesters on the east coast. The group gathered at Pershing Square at 10 a.m., when students and activists prepared to march to city hall for Occupy LA, a protest done in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, held in New York. The movement opposes the ...

Former White House counsel John W. Dean lectures about authoritarian conservatives

John W. Dean lectured inside the Valley Performing Arts Center complex about the link between characteristics of authoritarian personalities and leaders within the Republican Party and other conservative groups, Wednesday. Photo Credit: Andrew Lopez / Online Editor

Braulio Campos

September 23, 2011

Former White House counsel John W. Dean lectured on the dangers of authoritarian personalities in politics Wednesday night in the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC).Authoritarian conservatives, extreme right individuals, in our government are dangerous in their ambition and uncompromising be...

Government tax breaks: green energy, urban development, video games?

Courtesy of morgueFile

Braulio Campos

September 21, 2011

The New York Times announced last week that the video-game industry receives huge tax incentives, taking advantage of every tax deduction, credit and subsidy available to it. The problem is, these companies are receiving tax incentives meant to advance technology to better humanity, such as sustainable energy, agricultural and urban deve...

Cal States, UC’s and community colleges become more transparent

Braulio Campos

September 20, 2011

California’s Legislature voted to shine a light on state colleges’ records and documents starting Jan. 1, 2012, when previously unavailable information will be made public. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Sept. 7, after it moved through the state legislature for three years and endured two guber...

California ‘Jobs First’ bill shot down in the senate

Braulio Campos

September 15, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown’s California Jobs First bill, SB116, failed in the Senate last Friday after gaining no republican votes, despite Brown’s announcement of a bipartisan agreement the day before. The bill revolved around setting California's corporation-tax apportionment to mandate the use of the...

Making ends meet as a college student

In order to pay his tuition, Victor Zuniga works two jobs - one as a retail salesman and the other as a freelance graphic artist. He estimates that he works 45 to 60 hours a week to cover his tuition and expenses. Photo Credit: Kat Russell / Daily Sundial

Braulio Campos

September 14, 2011

Students’ wallets, bank accounts and trust funds have felt the tightening grip of tuition costs. Many are scrambling to make ends meet after a 22 percent tuition increase raised CSU’s price tag for the Fall semester. At CSUN, undergraduate students pay $6,488 per year, while graduates pay $7,7...

More wireless access points to be added during fall semester

One of several network switches in a telecom room in Manzanita Hall helps in directing network traffic from and to users on campus. The access points on campus connect to these network switches. Photo Credit: Tessie Navarro / Visual Editor

Braulio Campos

September 13, 2011

Students will be even more connected after CSUN adds 400 wireless access points during the Fall semester. Hardware, licenses and installation cost about $1.4 million in one-time state general funds and campus quality fee dollars, said Danita Leese, IT executive analyst. Costs associated with ...

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