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iPad: iDo or iDont

iPad: iDo or iDon’t

Nathan McMahon March 6, 2013

  CSUN is apparently stepping into the 21st century with a program that on its face holds much promise, but after serious consideration leaves too many questions unanswered. The pilot program...

State of the Union: round 5

Nathan McMahon February 12, 2013

Each year, the President takes center stage in the chamber for the House of Representatives and addresses a joint session of Congress as well as the nation. The usual goal is to outline where we sit as...

LAPDs manhunt turns thin blue line red

LAPD’s manhunt turns thin blue line red

Nathan McMahon February 11, 2013

In last week’s tragic shooting of police officers and their family members by suspected gunman, Christopher Dorner, there was a legitimate and justifiable outrage for the blood on his hands. Yet,...

Illustration by Benjamin Andrews / Social Media Editor

Pro Bowl is as exciting as a gentle breeze in the field goal windsock

Nathan McMahon January 29, 2013

This season's Pro Bowl was a far cry from the uninspired spectacle of the 2012 NFL all-star showcase. In case you missed it last year, the idea of playing defense never seemed to be considered by players....

Women combatants in the military is first step in fixing our war-mongering ways

Women combatants in the military is first step in fixing our war-mongering ways

Nathan McMahon January 27, 2013

In a move that was a longtime coming, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, lifted the ban on females serving combat roles in our nations military branches on Thursday. The ban was put into place in 1994...

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