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Aspire to inspire

How your voice could serve as an inspiration to others.
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Stop ignoring addicts

What can we do as a society to help addicts instead of demonizing them?
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The land of immigrants

A student's personal experience with being detained at the airport in the U.S.
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Sparkling, still or slimy?

Proposition 3 and the importance of clean water.
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Millennials need to vote because it always counts

A plea for millennials to vote during this upcoming midterm election.
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Letter to the Editor: TUC response to The Sundial’s opinion piece

As the commercial operator on campus, The University Corporation (CSUN Dining) has a strong commitment to sustainability. Because of that commitment, we have...
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Let’s ban the single-use bottle by 2019

“Hey Dr. Melkonian, haven’t I seen you show up in class with a cup of coffee in a throwaway cup?”Yes, and my students will...
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Letter to the Editor: We are not disposable! No to EO...

The struggle against the implementation of Executive Order 1100-R explained by an associate professor in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies.
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Letter to the Editor: Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic...

To the Editor, I understand that many in our campus community feel uncertain about CSUN’s General Education plan, particularly Section F, and the future of...

Understanding your rights: What students should know

The importance of knowing our rights as students so we can protect ourselves from unhealthy learning environments.

The big business of modern day slavery-human sex trafficking

The struggle to fight human sex trafficking and how we can put an end to it.
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Letter to the Editor: When Will CSUN Protect Students, Faculty and...

CSUN has never really earned an “A” on how it treats students and staff of color.
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