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Graduation with no greencard, what happens next?

Carol Morales

May 26, 2006

Ana is a graduating student with no future. Ana, psychology major, isn't thinking about getting a job in her field of study. She isn't even thinking about life after college. "I don't really like to think about what I am going to do after graduation," she said. "I mean, what can I do?" Ana is an ...

14 hour days with no overtime pay

Carol Morales

May 18, 2006

For more than 10 years, Telma Gutierrez said she slept on the floor of a small closet along ironing boards, clothes and hangers while working as a live-in housekeeper. Gutierrez said she worked for more than 14-hours a day, taking care of children, cleaning a three-bedroom two-living-room house, raising a...

Gay couples wonder if ‘I do’ will ever be legal

Carol Morales

April 6, 2006

In the five years they have known each other, 18-year-old Sarah McIlvaine and Autumn Benson dated, committed to a long-term relationship and began to talk about living together, but now wonder if they will ever be allowed to actually get married. This is because California has only recognized unions be...

Indoor ban hurts club fundraising

Carol Morales

March 28, 2006

Some clubs and organizations have found difficulty fundraising on campus due to campus policies that require sales to be outside. With many club-sponsored events costing tens of thousands of dollars, bake sales and food sales is one of the biggest forms of fundraising, club members said. "The bake sales used ...

Women’s center more than a safe haven; a home

Carol Morales

March 20, 2006

As an individual crosses the gate into the CSUN Women's Resource and Research Center, a person probably could not help, but feel safe and at home. "What we have is because someone stood up before us. What our Seventh Generation will have will be a consequence of our actions today," read one of the va...

Religious studies teacher practices what he teaches

Carol Morales

March 15, 2006

Bob Goss, CSUN professor of religious studies, began his sermon on a recent Sunday at the Metropolitan Community Church in the Valley in North Hollywood by blessing those who couldn't make it to church due to illnesses and praying for those who have not yet found their path. Special Education graduate ...

Students protest apparel made in sweatshops

Carol Morales

March 7, 2006

Are your T-shirts, sweaters and caps sold in most university stores produced by sweatshop laborers? According to sweatshop laborer Fredy de los Santos "they sure are." Santos is an employee at a maquiladora plant that handles assembly work for brand-name companies overseas. BJ'B, the company Santos w...

The chemistry and endeavors of love

Carol Morales

February 14, 2006

Is love a purely a chemical reaction? Liberal Studies Major Monika Hernandez doesn't seem to think so. Love is based on a chemical reaction that makes us feel "warm, cuddly and attached to others," said CSUN professor and Social Psychologist Dr. Marlena Piercy. Anthropologist Helen Fisher, who has d...

USU spring vendor fair a way of life

Carol Morales

February 8, 2006

Daily Sundial V?ctor and Ana Chupina began to produce handmade products 16 years ago when V?ctor decided to start his own business. After working for 20 years as a maintenance mechanic, V?ctor decided he had enough. "I wanted to start my own business," said the 55 year old. "I didn't want anybody tel...

Less students transferring to CSUN

Carol Morales

February 3, 2006

Daily Sundial Twenty-eight-year-old Sela Sanberg is one of thousands of students who transfer to CSUN from community colleges each year. After completing two years at a community college, Sanberg, a psychology and Spanish literature major, said she always knew she wanted to attend a four-year univer...

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