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Smart guesses create schedule

Christina Eddings December 15, 2006

Originally Published November 27, 2006 If picking the right classes can be tough, imagine how hard it is to make the schedule of classes. Many students have already registered for their spring 2007 classes....

Grant awarded for study on glycobiology

Christina Eddings December 13, 2006

The National Institute of Health awarded a $400,000 grant to Steven B. Oppenheimer, Ph.D. and his Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology, for research conducted on glycobiology. The $400,000 is part...

Depression could strike students during final exams, holiday season

Christina Eddings December 11, 2006

As the school year winds down, so do the moods of many students. With added pressures to do well on final exams, turn in essays and buy gifts for family and friends with what little money they have, students...

Male pattern baldness: medications help but still no cure

Christina Eddings December 11, 2006

It happens to the best of men and the worst of men - male pattern baldness, that is. Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for the disease, according to Vena Melendez, a physician's assistant for Dr....

CSUN group aims to prevent discrimination early on

Christina Eddings December 4, 2006

Just as the infamous Los Angeles smog fogs the skies, its diversity can cloud the fact that racism and prejudice still exist. Civil unrest in the Middle East and recent local events involving discrimination...

Faculty try to raise awareness of geological sciences department

Christina Eddings November 27, 2006

The department of geological sciences is nestled on the second floor of Live Oak Hall. It is perhaps one of the smallest departments in the College of Science and Mathematics. Dr. Ali Tabidian, the chair...

Educated guesses help create schedule of classes

Christina Eddings November 22, 2006

If picking the right classes can be tough, imagine how hard it is to make the schedule of classes. Many students have already registered for their spring 2007 classes. While some may be frustrated because...

Grant will aid professors, students in nanotechnology

Christina Eddings November 20, 2006

Physics professors Nicholas Kioussis, Donna Sheng and Gang Lu have received a grant from the National Science Foundation to pursue research in nanotechnology. According to Kioussis and Sheng, the grant...

Center provides opportunities to pre-meds

Christina Eddings November 1, 2006

In the basement of Eucalyptus Hall, there resides a room full of tanks harboring sea urchins. The prickly creatures are harvested by biology students and used for research in the Center for Cancer and...

Race relations main focus at ‘Black/Brown Divide’ discussion

Christina Eddings October 26, 2006

A panel discussion on Tuesday covered African-American and Latino relations, particularly in Los Angeles. The California Chicano News Media Association and Jose Benavides, journalism professor and director...

Updated photo lab nears completion

Christina Eddings October 24, 2006

At the heart of the Art ' Design Center one afternoon, the grounds were filled with students relaxing between classes while Mahshid Ehteshami was busy measuring the dirt-covered walkway in front of the...

Some on-campus eateries provide healthy choices for students

Christina Eddings October 23, 2006

With New York City's Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden's proposal to ban the use of trans fats in city restaurants, it would not be surprising if other cities followed suit. The Los Angeles Unified...

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