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Christmas Coffee with a twist. Photo Credit: Crystal Lambert/Sundial Staff

Get in the spirit for holiday spirits!

Crystal Lambert December 10, 2014

‘Tis the season of cold fingers and fireplaces. So lets break out the winter jackets, gloves and knit hats. But keeping out the cold isn’t the only thing to worry about. Stay warm this holiday with...

Photo Credit: Crystal Lambert/The Sundial

This Thanksgiving enjoy a festive cocktail to go with every meal

Crystal Lambert November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving is coming up, so lets take a moment to think about what we’re thankful for: dedicated family, loving friends and fantastic cocktails. Don’t forget to dress your drinks this turkey day!...

File Photo: The Sundial

Does CSUN care about its fall graduates?

Crystal Lambert November 20, 2014

Fall commencement ceremonies are something we all would appreciate. Autumn graduates, along with their families and friends, would still have the elation of finishing school. This would also give more...

Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Nothing good comes from street harassment

Crystal Lambert November 12, 2014

I remember one of the first times I experienced street harassment.  I was 16, just got my driver’s license, and had stopped at a convenience store to pick up a snack. I was browsing an aisle...

Illustration By Jae Kitinoja/ Contributor

Keep calm and graduate on time

Crystal Lambert October 30, 2014

Like many college students, my four-year plan has not quite been four years. However, graduating only a semester late, I’m still one of the lucky ones. The six-year plan is the new four-year plan....

CSUN no exception from CSU spring admission restrictions

Crystal Lambert October 22, 2014

CSUN has exceeded its enrollment target for the 2014-2015 academic year and will impose acceptance restrictions for students attempting to enter the university during the spring semester. Within the...

Infographic by Crystal Lambert / The Sundial

Villa suffered heatstroke, dehydration

Crystal Lambert October 22, 2014

Armando Villa’s autopsy reveals the Zeta Mu pledge was reported to have a temperature of 108.8 shortly before his death. The 19-year-old CSUN student was found unresponsive in a ditch after he had...

Four cocktails to die for this Halloween

Four cocktails to die for this Halloween

Crystal Lambert October 22, 2014

Halloween falls on a Friday this season, so lets take the opportunity to celebrate! The universe has given us the chance to make this holiday count. So, pick out your costumes and dress up your drinks...

Sinbad, legendary comedian and actor, had the audience laughing during his performance Thursday night at the VPAC. Taking advantage of the university setting, he poked fun at third year freshman and fifth year seniors. Photo Credit: Crystal Lambert/ The Sundial

Sinbad and daughter, CSUN alumna Paige Bryan, tag-team the VPAC

Crystal Lambert September 22, 2014

Last Thursday evening the VPAC was treated to a double feature of comedy stand-up by legendary actor and comedian Sinbad and concert singer Paige Bryan, a former CSUN student and daughter of Sinbad. The...

Adminstrators meet and eat with students at annual Presidents Lunch

Adminstrators meet and eat with students at annual President’s Lunch

Crystal Lambert August 26, 2014

  William Watkins, vice president of student affairs, and Brandon Martin, director of athletics, took some time to talk to students at the annual CSUN President’s Lunch event. The Orange...

Finding themselves within their fursuits

Finding themselves within their fursuits

Crystal Lambert December 8, 2013

Subcultures, some with a rather odd nature, are emerging globally.Most can thank the Internet for their success; through forums and social sites, people with closet interests have been connecting in...

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