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Media partly to blame for ‘Runaway Bride’ debacle

Daily spotlight editor

May 11, 2005

Reality shows like MTV's "The Real World," where people expose every detail of their lives for the entertainment of viewers, are outdated. The new method for obtaining that oft-desired "15 minutes of fame" is to runaway from your own wedding. You'll get more attention splashed on you than any "Real World...

CSUN graduation process surprisingly little fun

Daily spotlight editor

April 26, 2005

From the moment we set foot on CSUN's campus, we never stop thinking about graduation. For four years, or upward of five or six for most of us, the time does not seem to pass quickly enough. The closer we come to the finish line, the longer the days seem to become. Then all of the sudden, it happens. ...

Jackson case distracts from real news

Daily spotlight editor

April 6, 2005

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson. Is there nothing else going on in the world except for Michael Jackson's child molestation case? Forget about the Los Angeles mayoral race. Forget about California's budget crisis. None of that news, which might actually affect our lives matters, bec...

‘CSI effect’ compromises court cases

Daily spotlight editor

March 8, 2005

W hen I first began high school in 1995, I expected my life would be just like that of the kids on "Beverly Hills, 90210." I would be as popular as Kelly, and I would have the greatest, most handsome boyfriend in the world (Luke Perry), just like Brenda. It didn't take me long, however, to figure out t...

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