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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Holocaust survivor speaks to students

Danette Spiers November 26, 2008

Regina Hirsch hid in a straw field for nine hours as the German police searched for Jews within the Lodz ghetto in 1943. The police did not discover her hiding place until she had already left.

Homophobia in ’60s discussed

Danette Spiers May 7, 2008
Gail Rolf did not reveal her secret to fellow classmates while attending college at CSUN in the late 1960s. Sexual orientation, other than the norm, was left unsaid. "School was a hostile place for me," said Rolf, who earned a physical education degree at CSUN when it was known as San Fernando Valley State College.

More people lie on resumes to land jobs

Danette Spiers May 6, 2008
Exaggerating one's experience by changing an old job title on a resume into a more sophisticated one can seem harmless, but it is considered resume fraud. This is happening on a regular basis. Whether it involves what some would call a tiny fib by an applicant or an extreme case of dishonesty, there are people who are willing to take the risk to get a job.

Public department safety passes accreditation process

Danette Spiers May 1, 2008
A team comprised of national law enforcement assessors is going to recommend that the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators accredit the CSUN Department of Public Safety. Three representatives from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies arrived on campus April 6 to review the police department's policies.

Panel discusses problems with media coverage of immigration

Danette Spiers April 29, 2008
Immigration and the way it has been presented in the media was brought to light on April 24 by a panel that included a CSUN professor, two non-profit organizations, and a newspaper reporter discussed how to improve such coverage. The group of panelists was put together by the California Chicano News Media Association and the Central American United Student Association.

Alternative to recycling: use less

Danette Spiers April 19, 2008
We rely on plastic water bottles as if they are the only source of water left on earth. Kids running around outside have a liter of water waiting for them on the side of the curb, but they never really drink it. Adults carry them around town as they run errands, taking a sip here or there.

New $70 million recreation center scheduled for 2011 opening

Danette Spiers April 14, 2008
Arock climbing wall, an indoor track and three basketball courts are planned for the new $70 million recreation center that is in its beginning design phases but on schedule and expected to open in 2011. "There's just going to be a huge increase in what's offered on campus," said Bryanne Knight, the project coordinator.

Fewer women majoring in computer science since 2000

Danette Spiers April 10, 2008
Although CSUN has a high number of female professors in tenure at the Department of Computer Science, the percentage of female students attending classes within the department continues to decline. In 2000, there were 209 female undergraduates enrolled in the department, but in the last year that number decreased to 35 students.

Senator Padilla pitches bill for menus to list nutritional values

Danette Spiers April 9, 2008
California Sen. Alex Padilla spoke to CSUN students April 3 regarding the necessity for the passage of a bill that would require restaurant chains to place nutritional information for food listed on their menus. More than 75 people gathered to discuss Senate Bill 1420 at the Lakeview Terrace room in the University Student Union.

Did you buy a parking sticker? You may still get a citation

Danette Spiers April 9, 2008
Buying a parking pass and placing it on your car guarantees nothing at CSUN. The $144 sticker doesn't mean much if it is placed on the wrong window. The parking pass must be properly placed and visible. The regulations state that "when parking on campus, not displaying a valid parking permit, displaying an expired permit, or placing the permit in another location of the vehicle prompts citation of the vehicle.

Recycling program helps planet but loses money

Danette Spiers March 25, 2008
To keep the CSUN recycling program running this year, the school will take $175,000 out of student fees, yet recycled items are expected to bring in $7,500 in revenue by the end of 2008. More than 163,000 pounds of paper from campus was recycled in 2007. The recycling center's slogan, "Recycle, it's that easy," is posted on the electric vehicles that roam around campus picking up everything from paper to old ink cartridges.

Campus group fund raises for cancer organization

Danette Spiers March 7, 2008
Hermanas Unidas raised more than $200 last Thursday for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event that will take place at CSUN in April. Fellow sisters passed out long-stemmed yellow roses to several Hermanas Unidas members on Monday night in recognition of their hard work at Harper's Bar and Grille, where the funds were raised.
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