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  • October 25CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 830 new cases, 4 dead in L.A. County

CSUN student victim in Winnetka double homicide

CSUN student victim in Winnetka double homicide

Danielle Parmentier

January 18, 2016

Update: Brian Anthony Gonzales was detained outside of Los Angeles, police said on Tuesday. Police have identified 22-year-old CSUN student Emily Anna Fox as one of two victims in a double homicide shooting at an apartment building in Winnetka over the weekend. Officers responded to a radio call ...

Fixing CSUN’s sexism problem

Photo by Venessa Munoz

Danielle Parmentier

November 6, 2015

College campuses are often thought of as being a hotbed of sexual activity and, after the recent sexual assaults on the CSUN campus and in the neighboring areas, it seems that none is more prevalent in the minds of students than the non-consensual kind. College age women are four times more likely...

Mental health impact on academic life

Illustration Photo credit: Julienne Shih

Danielle Parmentier

October 29, 2015

Running out of class, she made it to the bathroom just in time to vomit. Embarrassed and still feeling nauseous and tight-chested, she pulled herself together enough to go back to her lecture class and gather her things so that she could go home early, even though there was only 10 minutes left in...

Project D.A.T.E to start sexual assault dialogue program with CSUN men

Students at CSUN walk through Sierra Quad to their classes. A new on-campus initiative is aiming to open conversations on sexual assault prevention with male students. (Juan Pardo / The Sundial) Photo credit: Juan Pardo

Danielle Parmentier

October 13, 2015

CSUN will make a change in the way it attempts to communicate with and educate male students in particular, about sexual assault.The campus peer-education organization, Project D.A.T.E, focuses its efforts on acquaintance or date rape prevention, and will form a new, male-focused group called Men CARE...

Parents juggle CSUN student life and family

Two mothers pushing their children in strollers on CSUN campus.

Danielle Parmentier

October 5, 2015

Shower, get dressed, start breakfast, then wake up two-year-old Isabella to get her fed, dressed and ready to go to day care only after organizing schoolbooks and homework assignments for the day.This is only part of the weekly routine in social welfare major Kelly Amaya’s morning that begins at...

Nontraditional ways to make quick cash

(Photo courtesy Fotolia/TNS)

Danielle Parmentier

September 21, 2015

Students are trying new methods to generate income in order to help them through their financial struggles.With bills and school fees adding up, students are constantly fishing for new ideas to make quick cash before the start of each month.According to a 2015 national study by loan company Sallie Ma...

Making the most of a long commute

Danielle Parmentier

September 14, 2015

CSUN alumna Spencer McKendall was one of only about eight percent of undergraduate students who now live on-campus making them close enough to classes to be able to avoid having to take the car, according to CSUN's 2013 College Portrait.The average commuter travels an average of 14.5 miles one-way, according t...

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