The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

donald trump and betsey devos shakes hands with students and teachers in a classroom

Art programs potentially threatened under Trump administration

Danny Arriaza May 2, 2017
Many fear the arts may be cut to focus on subjects such as math.
internet purchase exchange location pictured in the parking lot

CSUN Police provide students a safer way to sell items

Danny Arriaza April 19, 2017
Students are provided a safer way to sell items through a new program
Licensed marriage and family therapist Rachel Bernstein. Photo Credit: Rachel Bernstein

Therapist to discuss cult behaviors and activities

Danny Arriaza April 12, 2017
Cults target college campuses, licensed therapist discusses the dangers.
Venus pictured in front of the sun

A Night at JPL

Danny Arriaza April 9, 2017
JPL lecturer Mark Helmlinger discusses spectroscopy
sheet of paper says, have you been questioned

How the travel ban has affected the Muslim community

Danny Arriaza March 7, 2017
Since Trump enacted his controversial travel ban, which has recently been revised to exclude Iraq, members of the Muslim community share their reactions to the past month of events.
Christopher Whang shakes hands with a student at tech fest

Tech Fest takes over Northridge Center

Danny Arriaza February 21, 2017
At CSUN's Tech Fest, students have a chance to network with potential employers in the fields of engineering, computer science, information systems, science, and math
Author Robert Lee Johnsons book, “Notable Southern Californians in Black History.” The event will take place in the Jack and Florence Ferman presentation room as part of CSUN’s Black History Month events. Photo Courtesy: Robert Lee Johnson.

History repeats itself

Danny Arriaza February 14, 2017
Author Robert Lee Johnson talks about his new book and upcoming event in the Oviatt Library
Photo shows the inside of the financial aid and scholarship office

Middle-Class Scholarship under fire

Danny Arriaza February 9, 2017
With the middle class scholarship threatened to be removed what will happen to the students that benefit from it?
ACademy Awards nominees are all gathered around a giant oscar

Diversity at the Oscars takes time

Danny Arriaza February 9, 2017
The Oscars have been criticized for their lack of diversity but are the steps they're taking good enough?
Actor Jaden Piner pictured in the movie Moonlight

Positive portrayal shines in “Moonlight”

Danny Arriaza January 23, 2017
Moonlight has been critically lauded and has garnered several awards from the entertainment industry, but many other films do not show a positive representation of the LBGTQ community.
Photo shows an incoming call on a cellphone with the caller id of Scam

Kidnapping scam hits home

Danny Arriaza January 19, 2017
Scammers have found a new way to make money off of unsuspecting people
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