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GM takes motorists on test drive of its hydrogen fuel car

David Moll June 27, 2008

In an age of soaring gas prices, economy and ecology have ousted horsepower and torque as the buzzwords in today's automotive market. From ethanol-intensive blends of gasoline to soy-based plastics...

Pomona Cruise Gallery

David Moll July 20, 2007

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Moore’s film ‘SiCKO’ confronts the American healthcare industry

David Moll July 20, 2007

When Maria Watanabe started suffering blackouts, chronic headaches, blurred vision, vomiting and nosebleeds, she was terrified. Her 38-year-old cousin had died of a brain tumor months earlier and Watanabe...

Miller delivers in smart drama

David Moll June 29, 2007

I wouldn't want to keep her highness waiting," Pierre grumbles as he heads for the door. Begrudging his assignment to interview a disposable pop idol, Pierre wears exhaustion and apathy on his sleeve...

Historic cars soar at Fontana Speedway

David Moll June 29, 2007

Against the pale blue sky, sunlight filters through the veil-thin fog. The crimson red aluminum awnings over the infield garages glimmer with dew, reflecting the morning light. Over the front straight,...

Pay raises in new CSU/CFA contract cause 11% gap

David Moll June 12, 2007

On May 16th, two years of tense contract negotiations came to an end as the California State University and California Faculty Association agreed to a new contract. In effect from now through 2011, the...

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