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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Gen Z and Astrology

Deja Magee January 31, 2020
How zodiacs and tarot are being brought back by the new generation.
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The English Department: A Relic in the New Millennium

Deja Magee December 5, 2019
A call to action in an effort to update the English department's curriculum.
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Latinx21 Film Festival: An Evening of Diversity and Representation

Deja Magee November 23, 2019
The first annual Latinx21 film festival dedicates their event to representation in the indie film community.
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Understanding the Dating Scene: Modern vs. Traditional Approaches

Deja Magee November 18, 2019
A look at how dating techniques have changed over the years, the integral role of media and apps, and the future of dating as a whole.

Six Contemporary Novels Depicting Mental Illness

Deja Magee October 31, 2019
A look at novels through the decades that touch on depression, psychiatric treatment, suicide and writers' personal experiences.
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Film & Identity: Hollywood’s Take on Christianity

Deja Magee October 28, 2019
A look at some movies that take a deeper look at sacred beliefs from different and thought-provoking perspectives.
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How to be a Sustainable Fashionista

Deja Magee October 18, 2019
CSUN family and consumer science professor Tracie Tung is on a mission, like the rest of the fashion design faculty and students, to make fashion more sustainable for the environment and having fun while doing it.
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Top 5 Athlete-Turned Movie Stars

Deja Magee October 2, 2019
A look at famous athletes who have been featured in blockbuster films.
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“Where’s My Roy Cohn” and “The Wedding Year” in review, after a premiere at the Calabasas Film Festival 2019

Deja Magee September 30, 2019
"Where's My Roy Cohn" chronicles the life story of enigmatic American historical figure Roy Cohn. "The Wedding Year" is a delightful romantic comedy with a strong female lead played by Sarah Hyland and a relatable story about love and multiple weddings.
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Movies Through the Eyes of Educators

Deja Magee September 25, 2019
CSUN faculty discusses what narratives are significant for students to be exposed to.
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Matador Nights 2019: A night of neon

Deja Magee September 20, 2019
Matador Nights 2019 was a blast of neon! Get an inside look at being a San Fernando Valley-based DJ with DJ Medina Chicanx.
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A Closer Look at Homelessness in LA Through Photojournalism

Deja Magee September 11, 2019
A CSUN journalism professor aims to share the personal stories of LA's homeless through his project, One of Us.
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