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Eating A to Z: quick alphabet guide to campus food

Bagels at Freudian Sip

Edith Monreal

March 2, 2016

A – Apple Fritter, $2.50 at Freudian Sip B – Bagel, $1.50 + Cream cheese $2.00 at Freudian Sip C – Cinnamon Churro, $0.99 at El Pollo Loco D – Donut, $1.50 at Freudian Sip E – Egg Roll, $2.43 at Panda Express F– Fruit, $3.99 at Freudian Sip G – Granola Bar, $1.19 at The...

CSUN student overcomes physical challenges to achieve his goals

Jose Hernandez and friend Andrew Quezada walk down Clearly Walk on campus. Photo credit: Edith Monreal

Edith Monreal

November 24, 2015

Jose Hernandez was born prematurely at seven months with cerebral palsy because of a lack of oxygen to his brain that occurred during his birth. It resulted to a chronic condition that disables an individual's muscle and body movement. Despite his condition, 24-year-old commutes in the Los Angeles MetroLink...

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