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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Bush sees error of ways, dumps military for kids

Editor in Chief December 6, 2005

In a stunning move, President Bush on Monday signed a budget cuts package that included a stark slash in defense spending, some $300 billion, signaling the end of the war in Iraq and a retreat back into...

Fresh views needed in debate on immigration

Editor in Chief November 30, 2005

President Bush will conclude his two-day trip to the south and southwest today as he continues his efforts to keep immigration law reform on the national agenda. But unlike Social Security reform, this...

Tips for freshmen who look to escape CSUN alive

Editor in Chief November 22, 2005

I can't believe it's almost over. I am less than four weeks away from being a graduate of Cal State Northridge and I am the happiest boy on Earth. And while everything is progressing quite nicely for me...

New PAC, Matadome should share priority

Editor in Chief November 17, 2005

If CSUN and CSU officials commit themselves to dramatic facilities renovation and construction plans in the next five years, will students and community members respond in a way that makes such a move...

Bureaucratic meddling likely in new changes

Editor in Chief November 17, 2005

The evidence is mounting: It's as if Californians want people to do jobs that don't belong to them, all at the expense of 405,000 CSU students. Consider for a moment the recent scheduling changes likely...

Schwarzenegger loses big in special election debacle

Editor in Chief November 10, 2005

So that's the end of that little experiment. Phew. With the results of Tuesday's special election a resounding "no vote" against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whatever dreams he once had of reforming state...

Voters should leave critical tax decisions to Legislature

Editor in Chief November 7, 2005

In the same way that we shouldn't let California prisoners decide whether they want to remain incarcerated or be executed, we should not allow California taxpayers an opportunity to decide something as...

CIA leak case exposes flaws in Iraq strategy

Editor in Chief November 1, 2005

I wish I could take more pleasure in watching George W. Bush squirm amid one of the worst weeks in his presidency, but I can't. The situation is too serious for partisanship. The indictment of Vice President...

India has a computer! We need education reform, fast!

Editor in Chief October 31, 2005

The folks from the National Academy of Sciences must be crazy. That's the only explanation I can think of. Earlier this month, and I'm sure almost every year since India got its first computer, a committee...

White Sox deliver big blow to ‘loveable losers’ theory

Editor in Chief October 31, 2005

Not since the Bolshevik revolution has the view from the Dan Ryan Expressway been so sweet. Thank you, Chicago White Sox. Thank you. As a recent Chicago emigrant living it up in beautiful Southern California,...

Students must act to end tuition hikes

Editor in Chief October 27, 2005

OK, California. We get it. This whole "access" to higher education thing you were talking about is outdated. The world is changing, and so should education in California, right? I'd like to think there...

Africa Week expands horizons for students

Editor in Chief October 26, 2005

My knowledge of Africa is limited to what two African teachers have provoked me into learning, and I am thankful for that. Growing up in the Midwest and attending predominantly white private and public...

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