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butter dessert in cup

MataMeals: Meringues and buttercream

The tastiest buttercream
cooked meatballs on top of white rice

MataMeals: Cutlets

Cutlet-shaped patty made of ground meat
white plate with tomatoes and beef based meal

MataMeals: Buckwheat

Gluten-free and absolutely delicious
cooked rice meat and vegetables inside a white bowl

MataMeals: Pilaf

Quick, inexpensive and easy.
plate of orange colored soup on a white plate with toast and sour cream on the sides

Easy to make Soup

Because you have other things to spend time on.
cooked noodles on a plate with tomatoes next to it

MataMeals: Beef Stroganoff

A creamy dish complete with mushrooms and pasta
strawberry and banana crepe

Say yes to crêpes!

Ingredients: Flour-½ cup (100 grams/3.5 oz)Eggs-2Granulated sugar-1.5 tbspOil-1 tbspMilk-1 ¼ cup (300ml/10 oz)Pinch of salt Cooking time: approx. 25 min Your cost per batch using organic products:...
heart shaped dessert with strawberries and raspberries

Easy Valentine’s Day desserts

Pavlova and pannacotta
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