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Beyond the Haze

Beyond the Haze

Gabriela Rodriguez December 9, 2014

On Point looks at fraternities and sororities at CSUN, after this summer's death of Armando Villa, with Interfraternity Council President Josh Stepakoff, former Pan Hellenic Council vice-president Katrina...

CSUN students get ready for finals week

Gabriela Rodriguez December 4, 2014

NASA postpones Orion's launch until tomorrow, and many people express outrage at yesterday's grand jury decision in the Eric Garner case. Matador News reporter Akeisha Nabeta talked to CSUN Political Science...

CSUN Women’s Basketball Team on a winning streak

Gabriela Rodriguez December 3, 2014

A grand jury in New York decides not to indict a Staten Island police officer in the death of an African American man, and Michael Brown's stepfather apologizes for his outburst the night of the Ferguson...

CSUN students protest Ferguson decision

Gabriela Rodriguez December 2, 2014

Rain hits Southern California, and in Missouri, authorities investigate whether Michael Brown's stepfather helped incite the crowd to riot in Ferguson last week. Matador News reporter Evan Stevens spoke...

CSUN students protest against the Mexican government on Revolution Day

Gabriela Rodriguez November 20, 2014

President Obama addresses the nation about immigration. Matador News Reporter Laura Ponce reports on protests in Mexico and at CSUN against the Mexican government's handling of the case of 43 missing students....

Trans Resource Fair promotes awareness

Gabriela Rodriguez November 20, 2014

In celebration of Trans-Awareness week, CSUN students and faculty were invited to the fair and received information on CSUN's first queer sorority, how to practice safe sex and about T-FFED a recovering/healing...

CSUN’s Blues Project highlights depression awareness

Gabriela Rodriguez November 19, 2014

Western New York State is buried by record snowfall. Matador News Reporter Angelica Arizon has a report on the LAUSD decision to require ethnic studies in its high schools. Reporter Amy Martinez talk to...

CSUN students register for spring classes

Gabriela Rodriguez November 18, 2014

Funerals are taking place today in Jerusalem for the victims of a terrorist attack. The NFL suspends Adrian Peterson without pay for the rest of the season. Matador News Reporter Sabella Scalise has the...

Hearts Not Parts: A Transgender Perspective

Gabriela Rodriguez November 18, 2014

On Point looks at the transgender community, and how it identifies itself in terms of gender and sexuality in the midst of a society that doesn't always understand it. CSUN's Pride Center is hosting TransAwareness...

Sundial’s Job Fair

Gabriela Rodriguez November 14, 2014

Drivers strike at the Port of Los Angeles, and CSU Trustees meet in Long Beach. Matador News reporter Helen Mora talks to the American Indian Student Association's Pauline Alvarez about the annual Powwow...

Veterans Block Party Celebration Event

Gabriela Rodriguez November 14, 2014

This event was hosted because of Veterans Awareness week to celebrate CSUN Vets Produced by: Alyse Kollerbohm, contributer

CSUN Basketball Season about to Begin

Gabriela Rodriguez November 12, 2014

CSUN students are voting on changing the location of future graduation ceremonies. Matador News reporter Rosanna Siracusa talks to AS Senator Heston Jayasinghe and students about the possible changes....

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