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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Tom Price speaks to men after taking away the affordable care act

Trumpcare on its way to the Senate after being passed in the House

Heidi Weinrich May 5, 2017
House Representatives repeal Obamacare with 217-213 vote
Rod Ferrell sits in court looking content wearing an orange jumsuit

A closer look at destructive cults and their influence

Heidi Weinrich April 28, 2017
Marriage and family therapist Rachel Bernstein spoke to students about how to identify cults.
Freudian Sip barista makes a drink

Negative symptoms cause students to kick caffeine habits

Heidi Weinrich April 25, 2017
Excessive amounts of caffeine can disrupt normal body functions.
Caleb Word is performing spoken word poetry for Poetry Palooza wearing a matching light brown suede hat and shirt

CSUN students express creativity at Poetry Palooza

Heidi Weinrich April 24, 2017
Creative Writing Circle members and other participants performed live poetry at the Oviatt Lawn.
Rayan Mahfouz pictured looking very thoughtful

Documentary explores political tension, freedom of expression

Heidi Weinrich April 18, 2017
"Tickling Giants," a documentary based on political satirist Bassem Youssef, discusses politics and freedom of expression.
David Boyns and Briauna Johnson proudly displaying the portable version of the device used to produce pulses to the users body while listening to music as a form of healing. Photo credit: Alejandro Aranda

Vibroacoustic Therapy reduces stress for CSUN students

Heidi Weinrich April 11, 2017
Vibroacoustic therapy produces vibrations to the body so the participant feels the music they're listening to
doctor sampson pictured while giving a lecture

Paleontologist emphasizes the importance of nature in our world today

Heidi Weinrich April 5, 2017
Scott Sampson emphasized the importance in his book "How to Raise a Wild Child."
Athletes participate in a game of volleyball

CSUN beach volleyball takes the win against Sacramento

Heidi Weinrich April 3, 2017
Matadors beat the Hornets over the weekend.
photo shows donold trump surrounded by papparazi

U.S. downgraded to ‘flawed democracy’ while Norway stays on top

Heidi Weinrich March 27, 2017
This is the sixth year Norway has been named 'world's best democracy'
students pictured sitting at desks in the Oviatt Library

Students reveal if politics are more important than their homework

Heidi Weinrich March 16, 2017
Are CSUN students distracted by politics?
Professor Dungey pictured in his office with his feet rested on his desk

DSU podcast: philosophical origins of current events

Heidi Weinrich March 9, 2017
Dungey State University podcast informs students on the political and philosophical ideas that have shaped the political climate.
CSUN students crowd the walkways between classes

CSUN Republicans to bring more perspectives to campus

Heidi Weinrich March 9, 2017
What began as a Facebook page is now possibly becoming a club on campus.
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