The Sundial

A winter breeze in late fall

Jacqueline Buda

November 29, 2006

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Kickin’ It With Krohn

Jacqueline Buda

November 1, 2006

Twenty-year-old Cal State Northridge soccer player Kristy Krohn has managed to successfully juggle school with sport. Despite a strained hamstring injury that occurred early this season, she has maintained her midfield starting position and contributed to several winning goals this year. The California na...


Jacqueline Buda

October 25, 2006

Heart-pounding,ear-popping rhythmic pulsations that almost bare a rank on the Richter scale vibrate through the music department every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. From room 145 of Cypress Hall, the CSUN Jishin Taiko Club hones their percussion skills using large Japanese Taiko drums to pr...

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