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Men should lead the anti-sexual-violence movement

Jeffrey Zide October 30, 2012

Why did this happen? What did I do to deserve this? What I’m going to tell my parents? These are some of the many possible questions that go through the mind of a sexual assault victim in the moments...

A.S. begins live tweeting from meetings, discuss Big Show

A.S. begins live tweeting from meetings, discuss Big Show

Jeffrey Zide October 5, 2012

The Associated Students met today to discuss upcoming changes at meetings. A.S. will be live tweeting as a new way to reach out to students. People who are unable to attend can ask a question online...

High incidence of mental illness in college aged students causes concerns

Jeffrey Zide May 11, 2012

With finals just around the corner and student stress at a high, some students and faculty are concerned about the mental health of students during finals week. With budget cuts, hunger strikes and...

Illustration by Gabriel Ivan Orendain-Necochea / Visual Editor

Don’t let the man bring you down

Jeffrey Zide May 9, 2012

The same thing that makes many men a “manly” man is also the same thing that leads men to die, on average, 5-10 years before their female counterparts: masculinity. Some argue that this difference...

Mental Health Awarness Fair

Jeffrey Zide May 6, 2012

The Mental Health Awareness Fair was held in front of Sierra Tower on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. featuring JADE(Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating) and the Blues project. Both are programs supported...

Photo courtesy of MCT

Autism Speaks does not represent the voices of autistic people

Jeffrey Zide April 23, 2012

If you decide to donate money for Autism Awareness Month this April, be mindful of where your money is going. There are many viable autism charities — the Dan Marino Foundation, Autism Self-Advocay...

Ty Halen, 19 is a sophomore and the current president of CSUN Young Democrats. He has worked throughout much of his life on LGBT rights and issues. Photo courtesy of Daniel Corral

CSUN Young Democrats president worries that Politcal Apathy is an epidemic

Jeffrey Zide April 8, 2012

“If you’re trying to get into politics, don’t try to get involved to promote yourself because you’ll only be uncomfortable and make everyone else uncomfortable in the meanwhile. It is more...

San Francisco increases minimum wage, but may do little to help

Jeffrey Zide March 21, 2012

As of Jan. 1 of this year, the city of San Francisco has the highest minimum wage of any place in the nation. The current minimum wage in the city is $10.24 an hour, $3 more than the national minimum...

CicLAvia hosts lecture to expand and create bike lanes

CicLAvia hosts lecture to expand and create bike lanes

Jeffrey Zide March 11, 2012

Expanding bike routes and creating new ones in Los Angeles is a new aim for CicLAvia, a group that strives to make streets safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike, said Jon Linton, co-founder...

Student with Asperger’s syndrome speaks against changing definition of autism

Jeffrey Zide January 31, 2012

In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association is scheduled to make changes regarding the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, Autistic Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified...

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