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  • March 7CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 1,313 new cases, 22 dead in L.A. County

Mental illness played large part in Virginia Tech killings

Jeremy Foster May 23, 2007

Originally Published April 25, 2007 In the wake of any tragedy, it is understandable for society to attempt to understand what caused it and what could have been done to prevent it. The problem is when...

MTA plans could strand CSUN students, residents

Jeremy Foster May 23, 2007

Originally Published February 19, 2007 CSUN students dependent on public transportation may soon have to make alternate traveling arrangements. Two buses going to and from CSUN may be affected by the Metropolitan...

Immigration reform too unfocused and underfunded

Jeremy Foster May 8, 2007

Wal-Mart must have been shocked when in 2003 the federal government got serious about illegal immigration and began raiding their stores for undocumented workers. "Operation Rollback,

Fantasy or fountain of youth?

Jeremy Foster May 7, 2007

Most scientists who are optimistic about future breakthroughs in aging intervention research say someday it may be possible to extend the human lifespan by a few decades. One man goes centuries further,...

Anti-aging, fountain of youth may be more than ancient myth

Jeremy Foster April 30, 2007

It is written that Alexander the Great roamed the world searching in vain for it. The 13th century English philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon thought he could possess it by ingesting small amounts...

Mental illness large part of Virginia Tech killings

Jeremy Foster April 24, 2007

In the wake of any tragedy, it is understandable for society to attempt to understand what caused it and what could have been done to prevent it. The problem is when pockets of society inject the public...

Abortion medication preferred by some

Jeremy Foster February 14, 2007

Up until recently, surgery was the only option for women who wanted to terminate a pregnancy. This changed in September 2000 when the Food and Drug Administration approved the controversial mifepristone...

String of San Fernando Valley robberies under investigation

Jeremy Foster December 15, 2006

Originally Published October 18, 2006 It was just after closing at Roscoe's Family Restaurant in West Hills on May 20. Frank Sameo was gazing at his wife while she watered the plants at the front of his...

Cheating and plagiarism rampant on college campuses

Jeremy Foster December 14, 2006

Academic dishonesty, otherwise known as cheating and plagiarism, has become a significant problem at college campuses across the country. At CSUN, that problem is no less real, according to campus officials...

Democrats must deliver on financial aid promises

Jeremy Foster December 6, 2006

When the Republicans were at the helm in Congress, it was the lending industries who dictated what waters to venture into when it came to financial aid. And while the politicians gave us their requisite...

Gay and lesbian film festival addresses contemporary issues

Jeremy Foster December 5, 2006

In an effort to promote tolerance and understanding, the College of Humanities kicked off its first annual international film festival at the Armer Theater, located in Manzanita Hall, on Dec. 1, by featuring...

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