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Seniors who did not print graduation tickets by deadline may still be able to

Illustration By: Jae Kitinoja/Contributor

Joanna Jacobo

April 29, 2014

Despite concerns regarding the awarding of Commencement 2014 tickets due to deadline confusion, students who contacted the Office of Involvement and Development have now been contacted and awarded their desired number of tickets. Tickets to attend commencement were to be claimed by students prior to A...

CSUN sorority walks for Autism research and awareness

The sisters Alpha Xi Delta for the CSUN chapter brought over 100 people to the

Joanna Jacobo

April 27, 2014

Dressed in blue clothing, a group of 122 women, along with 92 other individuals who pledged to join their team, walked to support Autism Awareness Month. Around the country, fundraisers of all kinds are held, educating individuals on the seriousness of the disorder. On Saturday, April 26 at 9 a.m....

Campus-wide recycling program helps raise environmental awareness

Joanna Jacobo

April 22, 2014

As the city of Los Angeles grows to be one of the top ranked recyclers in the nation, students, faculty and staff at Cal State Northridge have made it a priority to follow in the same footsteps to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus. “[Recycling] helps the environment an...

Art is everywhere on CSUN campus

Art is everywhere on CSUN campus

Joanna Jacobo

April 21, 2014

During orientation, volunteers from New Student Orientation (NSO) program on campus walk the grounds with dozens of incoming students, giving them a tour of every building and monument that holds a significance to the school. At the start of the 2012 spring semester at CSUN, a new monument was added to th...

Students meet the millionaire Matador

Students meet the millionaire Matador

Joanna Jacobo

April 2, 2014

Plastered atop the University Student Union is the motto every matador should know. “Students today. Matadors tomorrow.” Although there are years to wait for the feeling to sink in for incoming freshmen and graduating seniors, there is an alumnus who has truly demonstrated this to be fact. “Da...

Alumnus Nazarian to lead $25 million fundraiser for College of Business & Economics

Kenneth Lord, Ph.D., left, the Dean, CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison, middle left, David Nazarian, middle right, with his wife, right, applaud as the ceremony has concluded. Nazarian has donated $10 million to the College of Business and Economics which CSUN has now named the college in dedication for his generous support at the naming ceremony on Thursday, March 27, 2014 in Cleary Court in front of Juniper Hall in Northridge, Calif. (Photo Credit: David J. Hawkins/PhotoEditor)

Joanna Jacobo

March 28, 2014

CSUN alumnus, David Nazarian, was commemorated at a ceremony held in front of the newly named David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, due to his generous $10 million donation on Thursday. Following his recognition at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting on March 25 for the gift, the CSUN commun...

Students protest success fee at CSU Board of Trustees meeting

SQE members from various CSUs participate in a rally in front of the CSU Chancellor's Office in opposition to university success fees during the Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday.  (Photo Credit:Charlie Kaijo/Senior Staff)

Joanna Jacobo

March 26, 2014

Dozens of students enrolled in the California State University (CSU) system, protested against recent tuition fee increases at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday. Several students began chanting and marching outside of the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach beginning at 9 a.m. that...

Joshua Bell leads Academy of St. Martin in the Fields through a spectacular VPAC show

The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields orchestra played Thursday night in the VPAC. Photo by Dache Jackson

Joanna Jacobo

March 21, 2014

An undeniable silence filled the audience, not in discontent but in a serene awe, as they anxiously awaited the beginning of what promised to be a musical evening. World renowned violinist, Joshua Bell, directed and played alongside the musically acclaimed English chamber orchestra, Academy of St. Martin...

CSUN student survives four-story fall, overcomes Traumatic Brain Injury

Adam Stelmach holds up a photo of when he was in a coma after his accident that left him with a tramuatic brain injury. Photo credit by Trevor Stamp

Joanna Jacobo

March 18, 2014

In a room filled with elderly individuals undergoing physical therapy, the youngest patient of the crowd, Adam Stelmach, sits toward the back of the room, switching from one workout machine, to the next. When slowly walking over to the abdominal machine, the 26-year-old CSUN student, struggles to hold onto the handle with his right arm....

CSUN administration approves resource center for undocumented students

Joanna Jacobo

March 9, 2014

Dreamers at Cal State Northridge can rest easy, as their month-long pursuit for the campus to offer an undocumented student resource center was approved by the administration on March 4. While similar resource centers catering to the undocumented population on college campuses exist in other institu...

Philanthropic CSUN student organizes online fundraiser inspired by her birthmarks

Kelcie Berge, junoir speech-language pathology major, was born with Sturge-Weber a type of Vascular Birthmark. She wants to raise awareness and is currently raising money for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

Joanna Jacobo

March 3, 2014

On a regular school day, walking around campus, Kelcie Berge blends in, unnoticed by the massively populated student campus that is Cal State Northridge. She goes to class, sits with the rest of her language pathology colleagues and goes on about her day, never to be perceived as “different,” un...

Journalists speak about the life of Nelson Mandela, working abroad

Journalists Ann Simmons, Bob Butler and Darlene Donloe recall their experiences reporting on the life of Nelson Mandela at an event held by the CSUN chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists Photo Credit: Vincent Nguyen/Contributor

Joanna Jacobo

February 26, 2014

Experienced reporters shed light on the obstacles that journalists face when working in foreign terrain with students at a panel held on yesterday. The event coordinated by the CSUN chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), took place at an Oviatt Library lecture hall, where aspirin...

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