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woman police officer speaking to a group of people

After the “Hoax” – Students express their concerns about campus communication...

Glavin, Wakins, and Noblitt address student concerns and questions about the Snapchat "hoax" video.
two woman sitting behind microphones

Resisting oppression: a panel discussion on black activism

“We have always resisted oppression,” Black Lives Matter activist Melina Abdullah said in the panel of political activism hosted by CSUN. Over 70 students and...
grey Nintendo controller

Stop blaming video games for mass shootings

An case for the removal of video game violence from the debate over causes of mass shootings.
two woman sit at desk speaking into microphone

Resisting oppression: a panel discussion on black activism

“We have always resisted oppression,” said Black Lives Matter activist, Melina Abdullah in the panel of political activism hosted by CSUN. The panel included Abdullah,...
two men on the outside two women in the middle smiling

Pride Center Hosts “Becoming Johanna” Screening

In celebration of Trans* Awareness Week, the Pride Center screened "Becoming Johanna", a short film that follows the story of Johanna Clearwater and the...
man in black shirt grey pants holding black paper

Computer science major wins third annual Fast Pitch Competition

Dushan Parera won a first place prize of $2,000.
woman in denim blouse at podium

Guest speaker discusses intersection of issues of social and ecological justice

editor of “Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women's Voices,” Jeanine Canty, visited the CSUN campus.
yellow blue and red Venezuelan flag behind smoke

Struggling to survive another day

A personal testament of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.
shadow of a man next to a cross

Strong religious presence on campus in spite of national decrease

Although religion is on decline, there are various religious clubs on campus.
woman and men sitting and raising their hands

Following a week of student protests, CSUN faculty senate votes to...

After hours of debate, the CSUN Faculty Senate voted to not implement Executive Order 1100 Thursday afternoon.Students and faculty strongly oppose the executive order...
photo of man in black suit and white shirt in front of white board

Society of Professional Journalists welcomes former CSUN alumnus Gary Klein

Klein graduated in 1983 and now covers the LA Rams for The Los Angeles Times.
woman pictured wearing purple shirt with a blue cardigan

Pride Center Hosts Social Justice Activist During Bisexuality Awareness Week

Dr. Tania Israel debunked a few myths and informed students surrounding bisexuality
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