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A review of today’s queer news foreshadows tomorrow’s

Karlee Johnson May 11, 2012

News this week has been a-buzz with developments from the queer-o-sphere and, while not all of it is particularly pleasant, they are each part of the beginning of a larger conversation toward change that...

Interview with Seth Green and Matt Senreich

Karlee Johnson March 22, 2012

Sundial Opinion Editor Karlee Johnson interviews Seth Green and Matt Senreich  (creators of Robot Chicken) about the 100th episode and their tips for college graduates.   Karlee Johnson:...

Critics of Limbaugh missing the larger picture of ‘Slutgate’

Karlee Johnson March 12, 2012

  It has been two weeks since Rush Limbaugh made controversial remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke’s testimony regarding contraception in front of the Democratic House Steering...

10,000 students and supporters fill Sacramento for higher education rally

10,000 students and supporters fill Sacramento for higher education rally

Karlee Johnson March 5, 2012

California students and supporters rallied in Sacramento Monday to protest the ongoing cuts in funding to higher education. The protesters marched a mile from South Side Park to the steps of the...

Bite me: The gendering of food leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Karlee Johnson February 29, 2012

Did you know that I can’t drink Dr. Pepper because I have a vagina? It’s true! Dr. Pepper Ten is only ten calories because it has managed to convert the other 90 calories found in an ordinary Dr....

Plan B should be affordable and accessible on campus

Karlee Johnson February 15, 2012

Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania has made Plan B, the emergency contraceptive known as the “morning-after” pill, available to students via vending machine for $25. Recently, the machines...

Editorial columns to expect this semester

Karlee Johnson January 24, 2012

Queering Campus with Karlee: The beauty of the word “queer” is the fluidity of its definition. While there is a proud reclamation of the word amongst the younger demographic of lesbian, gay, bisexual...

Jessie Nicole, 25, now director of the Sex Worker Outreach Project, became an escort after moving to Chicago for graduate school. Jessica Jewell / Contributor

Sex workers in higher education

Karlee Johnson December 12, 2011

Correction: The statistics cited in Sarah Elspeth Patterson's research are from two separate studies headed by Dr. Ronald Roberts of Kingston University, London. The statistics on student debt are...

Alex Johnson, 23, Art major with emphasis in Illustration, is hopeful about the prospective job opportunities available to him in his field. Photo Credit: Karlee Johnson / Daily Sundial

Jobs in creative industries expected to increase in next five years

Karlee Johnson December 1, 2011

L.A.’s creative industry is expected to grow over the next five years, according to a new report. Direct employment in the creative industries is expected to increase by more than 4 percent, or 13,100...

“Caucasian Chalk Circle” opens at CSUN

Karlee Johnson November 16, 2011

The CSUN theatre department’s production of Bertolt Brecht’s classic “Caucasian Chalk Circle” opens Friday, Nov. 18 in the VPAC’s Experimental Theatre. “Caucasian Chalk Circle,” based...

What it means to come out as LGBT

What it means to come out as LGBT

Karlee Johnson November 14, 2011

National Coming Out Day, an annual celebration in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer community meant to embolden those in the closet to “come out” to family and friends. National...

Kinesiology department to host annual graduate dance concert

Karlee Johnson November 9, 2011

The Department of Kinesiology will be hosting its annual fall graduate dance concert, Colaboratoria at the Plaza del Sol performance hall on Tuesday, Nov. 15 and Wednesday, Nov. 16. “CSUN is so blessed...

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