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  • September 22CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 810 new cases, 40 deaths in L.A. County

Water conservation top-priority for CSUN

Kimberly Krieger

April 26, 2010

Los Angeles has a growing population but a shrinking water supply. This is where Bill Sullivan, energy manager for physical plant management (PPM) at CSUN comes in. “Water conservation is a more current issue than it used to be because water used to be so cheap,” said Sullivan, who has been with  PPM since 1994. Now that a change is warranted, Sullivan said C...

Blues indie band rocks green

Kimberly Krieger

April 21, 2010

The vibration and beats of blues-infused indie rock reverberated through a tiny second floor apartment in Santa Monica. This is where Drew Schwartz and The Watchtowers practice for their up-coming gigs. One of their upcoming concerts is taking place at Trip Bar in Santa Monica May 20, and all of the proceeds will go tow...

The obligatory and offensive census

Kimberly Krieger

April 14, 2010

Around every corner, people are talking about the census. From what I have heard so far, the census is a lot like taxes- no one wants to do it, yet it has to be done eventually. Since the beginning of this year’s non-stop bombardment of advertisements, peer pressure and chaos about the census, my...

CSUN community to honor cancer survivors and raise money for research for third year in a row

Kimberly Krieger

April 12, 2010

College students today are the first generation of adults who can find a cure for cancer within their own lifetimes, and this is a personal goal for many of the participants in the up-and-coming 3rd annual Relay For Life event at CSUN. “My personal goal if that happens is that my children will think...

Any person can become a terrorist

Kimberly Krieger

March 29, 2010

It is not a race, nor is it a religion, culture, or single political affiliation. Terrorism can be all of these things, but it is a problem that transcends all categories. In these times of uncertainty, it is common to profile certain people, and label them as “terrorists.” With the recen...

Identity theft workshop aims to keep students and faculty safe

Kimberly Krieger

March 29, 2010

The Department of Police Services held an identity theft prevention workshop Wednesday in the department’s training room, outlining the various ways to detect and deter identity theft. Crime prevention coordinator Daniel Foster said identity theft occurs when someone uses a person’s information to commit fraud or other crimes. “Theft prevention is not leaving p...

CSUN hosting annual powwow

Kimberly Krieger

March 21, 2010

Los Angeles has the highest American Indian population in the United States, and on March 20, people representing various tribes will attend CSUN’s 26th Annual Powwow. American Indian Studies (AIS) Coordinator Scott D. Andrews said the main purposes of the Powwow are to be social, participate in...

LA Transportation is a bummer

Kimberly Krieger

March 15, 2010

Anyone who has hopped on a bus in Los Angeles can tell you that it is sometimes an experience to forget. There are awkward sights and smells everywhere, which is tolerable, but if you’re a regular commuter, chances are you have been left stranded every once in a while. This is because Los Angeles public ...

Catalytic converter theft issue on campus

Kimberly Krieger

March 14, 2010

Students on campus should be aware of people who are working underneath cars in the parking lot because they may be witnessing someone steal a catalytic converter said Police Department Information Officer, Christina Villalobos. One way to tell that a catalytic converter has been stolen is th...

UCLA professor to speak to CSUN students about her new research

Kimberly Krieger

March 9, 2010

UCLA Graduate School professor Linda Sax will be speaking in the Flintridge room March 15 to discuss her newest research book, “The Gender Gap in College.” Sax, who is the faculty director of the UCLA graduate school of education and information studies, specializes in the study and research of...

The Greek society’s philanthropy apathy

Kimberly Krieger

February 24, 2010

[audio:|titles=Greeks Volunteer by Kimberly Kreiger] Sororities and fraternities represent a prominent group of people at CSUN, and through their philanthropies, they have helped various different charities better the world. ...

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