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CSU, UC make big clean energy buys

Laraine Fisher July 5, 2005

The University of California and California State University systems have made the nation's largest university purchase of clean energy following a two-year-long campaign push by both Greenpeace and Renew...

Parking officers reinforce their role as a campus resource

Laraine Fisher July 5, 2005

Many professions --law, dentistry and the property repossession business, specifically -- seem to be assigned certain negative connotations that are difficult to overcome. Some students view CSUN parking...

Fourth of July — like Christmas, but with fireworks

Laraine Fisher June 27, 2005

On the first Fourth of July, Americans celebrated with bonfires, bells, muskets and cannons. Today, we show our patriotic spirit a little differently, with flags, parades and fireworks. As Independence...

Student trustee nominees sent to Schwarzenegger

Laraine Fisher June 27, 2005

Gov. Schwarzenegger will appoint a new CSU student trustee from one of two finalists who were recently selected by the California State Student Association. Gabriela Orantes from CSU Monterey Bay and Jason...

Much maligned marijuana not worth U.S. government’s time

Laraine Fisher June 20, 2005

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government may prosecute patients who use prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes, even though the drug remains legal for those uses in California...

Rising apartment prices affect college students

Laraine Fisher June 20, 2005

Tuition differences aside, students from CSUN, UCLA and USC are united by at least one common experience: similar apartment rental costs that seem to be increasing every year. A study conducted by RealFacts,...

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