The Sundial

Passport law a new police state

Letter to the editor

May 18, 2005

The May 9 Sundial article "Passports to be required of citizens re-entering the U.S.," is just one more example of how the United States is being turned in a police state, with the war on terror being used as an excuse. "Papers, please" used to be the slogan of secret police organizations, such as th...

Religious control over politics dangerous

Letter to the editor

May 2, 2005

According to Sean Paroski's column on April 28, the writer seems to think that religion has a justifiable effect on U.S. politics. Is he kidding? There was a time in history when church and state were integrated, and that was known as the Dark Ages. To refresh the reader's memory with a bit of a his...

Schiavo-loving Right Does Good

Letter to the editor

April 6, 2005

Upon reading Marcus Afzali's column "Real issues ignored by Schiavo-loving Right" on March 29, I was rather taken aback and slightly offended at the shortsighted and rather ignorant argument the writer proposed. Afzali basically states that practicing Christians do not show the slightest bit of care ...

Churchill reveals pay discrepancies

Letter to the editor

March 28, 2005

Thanks to Sam Richard for his excellent cover story, "Churchill was offered campus position, sources say," on March 10, which reported the possibility of Ward Churchill being offered a position at CSUN in 1991. When I read that, the salary figure and job title jumped out at me. Professor Churchill claim...

CSU should develop clean energy plan

Letter to the editor

March 28, 2005

The California State University Board of Trustees met the week before spring break to discuss a prospective clean and renewable energy policy. This is a highly relevant issue in the San Fernando Valley and on the CSUN campus, which is constantly surrounded by pollution and smog. Pollution from car e...

‘Keepin’ It Pimpin’ award’ not offensive

Letter to the editor

March 16, 2005

When I read the column published on March 14, which stated the University Student Union needs to "rethink" its "Keepin' It Pimpin' award," I nearly dropped to the floor with shock. Nicole Sunkes does not know Bobby Rodgers, the chair of the USU Board of Directors, well enough to call him "ignorant" and a...

Delayed direct election in Iraq led to loss of momentum, American lives

Letter to the editor

March 10, 2005

Like Elan Carr, featured in the article, "Military Officer speaks of U.S. action in Iraq," published on March 8, I am also an Army reservist who recently returned from serving in Iraq. While I worked throughout Baghdad as a civil affairs soldier, I also had the chance to see the inner workings of th...

Is England a threat? No way!

Letter to the editor

March 3, 2005

When reading Ryan Skinnell's "America's brand new enemy: Merry ole' England" on Feb. 28, I was concerned about the lack of research the writer had done before displaying his opinions for all to see. Skinnell put forward a number of points that were not well researched, and presented his views on vario...

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