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Comparing Phelps to the rest

During a period time where insurmountable accomplishments in sports are accompanied by positive performance-enhancing drug results, Michael Phelps did it cleanly. The Olympian repeatedly beat out seven others in the lanes of each pool. We bring you seven memorable moments that race neck-in-neck with Phelps. In order of occurrence:

Don’t take Phelps for granted

Did you know Michael Phelps scarfed down 12,000 calories a day during his record-setting Olympic run? Did you know he wears two swim caps while he teases fellow competition by letting them think they could win? Did you know 'amp;Lil'amp; Weezy'amp; was bumping through his iPod from Baltimore to Beijing? Did you know that he'amp;s the fastest swimmer in the world, won eight gold medals, seven via world-record, and etched his name to the Ruthian level in sports lore?

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