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Minimum wage in 2020

Michaella Huck January 24, 2020

As the cost of living continues to increase, California and Los Angeles County fight to adjust minimum wage to match the expenses that come with residency. In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that...

A soul food potluck

Africana studies celebrates 50 years

Michaella Huck November 18, 2019

CSUN's Africana studies department had a two-day celebration for the department's 50th anniversary on Friday, Nov. 1 and Monday, Nov. 4. Faculty, students and alumni gathered at the Grand Salon on Nov....

A Conference meeting

From Supreme Court hot seat to the Northridge Center: Anita Hill shares her story

Michaella Huck November 12, 2019

Hundreds of students and faculty flooded the Northridge Center on Nov. 7 to attend Big Lecture, where Anita Hill shared her experiences to the CSUN campus.An established lawyer and academic, Hill is famous...

Two students waiting for bus at a bus stop

San Fernando Valley Bus Rapid Transit: Commuter Life Made Simple

Michaella Huck October 22, 2019

Metro, who has been pushed by the growing number of commuters in the San Fernando Valley to make transit more accessible, is inviting students to speak their minds at a public hearing at the Metro headquarters...

A bunch of students gathering inside a conference room

We Matter Week: Black Culture Shows its Face on Campus

Michaella Huck October 15, 2019

The Black Leadership Council hosted a four-day event, We Matter Week, last week in hopes of orchestrating a safe space for black students to discuss their experiences and celebrate their culture on campus.BLC...

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