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Language and Las Vegas

photo of bulleted cowboy hat surrounded by yellow danger tape

Mimi Kourieh

October 10, 2017

As America recovers from the events of Las Vegas, people are still fascinated with how an average American white man could commit such an atrocious crime to humanity. As I watched the news casts of the nefarious and dastardly events that went down in Las Vegas on Oct. 2, I breathed a sigh of horrid...

The Northridge Review: A space for all

(Margaret Spengler, The Sacramento Bee 2012/TNS)

Mimi Kourieh

September 29, 2017

As a writer, despite the hardships I have encountered within my own life, I have always found solace in weaving words into tapestries, and even more so in being able to share those words with the world. If I never had anything, at least I had that. I have always felt thankful for being a student in...

Celebrity culture: a social responsibility

two students pictured refusing a bottle of pepsi

Mimi Kourieh

April 18, 2017

Throughout life, people don’t often reflect on how their actions or statements can influence others—especially strangers. A small offhand comment can cause a hurricane, or a word of positivity can swell a person’s heart twice its size. Imagine being able to influence one person a da...

Exploring the boundaries of free speech: a fine line

illustration shows bill of rights vest

Mimi Kourieh

March 13, 2017

Some say that progress occurs on a "two steps forward, one step back" motion. This means that as people, we tend to make large strides only to have them temporarily halted or taken away by others that don’t necessarily agree with the progress originally taken.In America, our first amendment right...

Travel Ban: The Un-American, America

Jarin Islam, with the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, during a news conference amid a solidarity rally with the Muslim community of Los Angeles in response to President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration, on February 3, 2017. (Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Mimi Kourieh

February 13, 2017

As a Middle Eastern American and as a person who advocates for all human rights, I am ashamed to admit that I feel an insurmountable relief to not be considered a Muslim American.Syrian-Lebanese Christians, as myself, are considered a minority within a minority. In fact, many of our ancestors were per...

First generation Americans in conflict

Illustration shows a woman standing in front of various countries' flags

Mimi Kourieh

January 30, 2017

Most people would argue that the toughest part about growing up as a first generation American, from a migrant family household, is the turbulence you encounter when our cultures from home clash with the ones we come across. We deal with racism, prejudice, and discrimination from people that don’t...

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