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Clash-isms: Sexism in television

Nancy Oy March 14, 2015

@OyNancy Women are represented on TV, however, inclusion does not equate progress. There is the matter of the roles women are given. During the 2013 to 2014 TV season 43 percent of women played...

Lily Thiemens (left) and James McCloskey (right) collect their National first place winnings from a contest requiring students to submit ideas on how to attract people to pursue a career in the manufacturing industry Photo credit: Nancy Oy

Students receive 1st place national business contest winnings

Nancy Oy February 24, 2015

Two CSUN students were presented with a check after winning first place in a national contest on Tuesday in Jacarada Hall. Steve Blue, president and CEO of Miller Ingenuity – from the company that...

Professor’s book launch invites dialogue about feminist theory and politics among Latin Americans

Nancy Oy February 23, 2015

A gender and women's studies professor at CSUN said theory is easier to write about than to talk about. The Chicana/o Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies departments hosted Dr. Breny Mendoza’s,...

Clash-isms: A closer look on marketing race in the media

Clash-isms: A closer look on marketing race in the media

Nancy Oy February 21, 2015

White. Click. White. Click. White. Click. Non-White. Media representation for minority groups are scarce compared to the representation of White individuals. However, networks have begun to include...

Clash of opinions: dont judge a TV show by its cover

Clash of opinions: don’t judge a TV show by its cover

Nancy Oy February 18, 2015

Current television shows’ main casts are composed of white actors and actresses. In some instances an actor or actress from a minority group is included. Yet, the show continues to be told through the...

The prepared vegetarian variation. Photo credit: Nancy Oy

Quick, easy and cheap shrimp gumbo

Nancy Oy February 5, 2015

I love trying and cooking new foods. So, for this week’s food blog I decided to create and taste an African Heritage dish in honor of both Black History Month, and African Heritage and Health Week. Black...

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