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The Dress Debate–Ask A Kid

(Source: E News)

Rose Barraza

February 27, 2015

by: Rose Barraza / Staff Writer One thing that is clear is that this dress, which ever color you see it as, is driving people crazy. It's clearly black and blue. Just saying. I saw the picture last night at my boyfriends house where we all agreed the dress was black and blue, except for one. My boyfriend's sister who truly believed everyone was playing...

“Yes Means Yes?”

Illustration by: Raymond Bacsal/Contributor

Rose Barraza

January 29, 2015

  Yes Means Yes If we plan to have sex, we both have to affirmatively, consciously and voluntarily agree. If one of us do not, then this sexual encounter may qualify as rape. All California college campuses that receive state financial aid will have to implement the “Yes Means Yes”...

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