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Editorial: More steps are needed to keep CSUN residents safe

To ensure safety, new measures have been and still need to be implemented at CSUN Housing
Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton at a ceremony.

The Clinton legacy: the good, the bad, the weird and all...

A quick look at the best readings on Bill, Hillary and the administrations that was and can still be.
DJ preforms on stage in front of crowd on CSUN campus.

Big Show, the unnecessary mess

The Opinion editor's account on Big Show.
Ticketholders wait in line awaiting entrance to enter into Big Show

CSUN student sexually assaulted near campus during Big Show

Another student was sexually assaulted while leaving "Big Show XV"

Election 2016: the messy catastrophe

A close-up look at the unpleasant meeting of 11 GOP presidential contestants and their aligned, nonaligned and misaligned views on the nation's future.

Sports is fun…sometimes

It should not take too long to notice the massive amount of sports-related propaganda interspersed across CSUN's campus. Including Redwood Hall, it is always...

As president, who else will you antagonize?

As with any other showdown, this one was just as inevitable. The frustration, the determination persisted as it began. It was brought to my...

Multiple series planned for the Opinion desk

Dear reader, Beginning in the upcoming weeks, a handful of op-ed series will begin. They will all discuss several issues that CSUN students have shared...

Agonies of summer bring vague hope for fall

That feeling of summer as that free, revitalizing time of the year where the temperature slowly rises and all things are possible has reached...

Smoke seen at the University Hall extension construction site

Smoke was visible at the construction site beside University Hall, causing a brief street closure late Monday afternoon. Transportation security redirected traffic and pedestrian crossings....

The second trailer for “The Force Awakens” has arrived

A new trailer debuted for "The Force Awakens" in the wake of the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim

Missing woman found safe, family says

One day after being reported missing, Rebecca Melendez returned home late Tuesday night, said her family on Wednesday."She's safely at home now," said a...
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