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Illustration of a young boy leaving his parents at the bottom of a winding mountainous path that leads to school graduation

Modesty dies on a college campus

If you think you are an expert, from a critic's standpoint, you are not.
freedom of speech illustration

The bidding war over Berkeley

For centuries, the concept of freedom of speech was an issue liberals assumed was their own. Now, it's slipping away into xenophobic hands.
Illustration shows a sillouette of donald trump's face with an american flag print

Coup de Trump

A Yale professor says Trump and company will stage a coup before 2020. Does this mean America is going through a reckoning leading to this coup?

ICYMI: ISIS and the issue of free speech

Given the now periodic headlines that instill disgust and anger, ignoring the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not an option. The recent...

ICYMI: A schism in the art of protesting

Last month, no one could have imagined the frustration and turmoil that would rupture from the nation south of ours, when the mass grave...

Obama’s State of the Union lays out plans for the next...

In his annual state of the union President Obama laid out plans for his final two years, regarding domestic, social, foreign and defense policies.

Thanksgiving, stuffed with colonialism and capitalism for added zest

What do colonialism and capitalism have to do with the Thanksgiving holiday?   By Ryan Mancini The theatrics of the holiday season create a seductive and aggravating...

CSUN should bring forth a universal smoking ban

Our species has acquired a unique ability to become addicted to our own inventions. Picture the car junkies, the comic book collectors or the...

Musical legend David Bowie will release a second greatest hits compilation

In the year and seven months since the release of the album “The Next Day,” musician David Bowie is back on the musical ship. Following...

Yes on Prop 1

The Uruguayan journalist and critic, Eduardo Galeano, wrote in his recent book “Children of the Days” that from “water life bloomed. Rivers of water...

Choosing a side in the Harris/Greenwald feud

  This conflict began long before the showdown with Ben Affleck on “Real Time With Bill Maher.” In the weeks since it re-erupted, the digital feud...

Batman v. Superman, who will win?

Why Superman would win, by Jon Diaz Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman! Even if you’ve never seen...
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