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vintage black and white photo of 1959 Sundial Staff happily posing

Preserving papers: Student newsrooms at risk

Student newsrooms are vital establishments for future journalists and for their university community, and provide the opportunity for students to present their thoughts, facts and opinions.
child passed out with air tank while man in dressed in blue holds him

Share your opinion: Conflict in Syria

What is your opinion about a potential missile strike on Syria?
different countries flags blowing in the wind

Stepping beyond your limits

Exploring other perspectives is a key part of the college experience. What are you losing by not stepping beyond your boundaries?
red vote here banner and various students waiting in line to vote

Drops in the bucket: Every vote counts

This week, Matadors flock to their emails to vote for their student representatives. Have you done your homework?
Stone placard surrounded by rusting debris and green foliage

Title IX videos: Not enough safety?

There are other topics that should be included, such as safety tutorials about active shooters and earthquakes, in registration holds.
two drones flying in the sunset

Tech trends heading into the rest of 2018

Bots: Be careful who you're talking to online, they might not actually be a real person. These software applications are designed to complete certain...
gun with Hoax written as a question mark inside of it

To live or to learn

A reaction to the gun threat on campus, now named a 'hoax' by CSUN PD, and what this incident says about our campus' priorities.
box of chocolates and roses

Chivalry isn’t dead

An exploration of how traditional ideals of romance and behavior can be adapted to the modern day.
drawing of girl with different electronic devices around her

The internet age

An examination of the pros and cons of growing up influenced by the internet.
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Weekly Picks: Fall Out Boy, Orchestra, Games and more

Monday, January 22, 2018 - Free Game PlayLocation: Games Room, USUTime: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 .p.m.Cost: FreeAlready stressed on your first day back to...
black and white photo depicting things not being equal between the working class and man

The Inequality of Privilege

Editorial: An examination of how recently exposed opportunity gaps reflect on social inequalities.
blue and purple art

Read carefully: Media Literacy Week

A commentary on the value of media literacy in modern life.
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