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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

College of education to open demonstration site for future

Sandy Archila May 16, 2006
The Michael D. Eisner College of Education will open a temporary site for a new Learning Achievement Center while it seeks funds for a permanent building. The temporary site will house and develop a new interdisciplinary approach to train teachers on the different ways they can support K-12 students who are struggling in school, said College of Education officials.

$1 million for faculty recruitment reallocated

Sandy Archila May 15, 2006
A $1 million budget that was originally allocated for faculty recruitment this year by CSUN President Jolene Koester was instead used for upgrading a series of computer labs on campus throughout the year, according to administration officials. "The reason for that is most of the ($1 million) would otherwise go for faculty salaries," said John Chandler, CSUN spokesperson.

Immigration talks persist

Sandy Archila May 15, 2006
Several weeks have passed since many Americans have seen throngs of people participating in marches and boycotts against immigration reforms currently being debated in Congress. Although streets are no longer lined with people, efforts by CSUN students and professors to change immigration laws in the United States have not ended.

La educaci?n de los indocumentados corre peligro

Sandy Archila May 9, 2006
Cada a?o, aproximadamente 65,000 estudiantes indocumentados se grad?an de la preparatoria. Una tercera parte se inscriben en la universidad bajo la ley AB540, seg?n datos proporcionados por la Coalici?n para los Derechos de los Inmigrantes de Los ?ngeles (CHIRLA).

Immigration reform may open doors for college students

Sandy Archila May 2, 2006
Quezada is a student who may not have a future. No matter how hard Quezada works or does well in school, chances are no one will hire Quezada for anything other than menial labor. Quezada is an undocumented student and if the congress passes a Senate's version of the immigration bill, Quezada world will change.

Bill eliminating undocumented student resident fees thwarted

Sandy Archila May 2, 2006
Parts of a bill in the California State Assembly that would have changed the status of undocumented students that allows them to pay resident fees at California state colleges and universities were removed to only include modifying residency status for military personnel.

Students on committees may get vote on hiring deans

Sandy Archila April 26, 2006
Student members of dean and associate dean search and screening committees could soon get the right to vote for candidates. Under current policies, student members of search committees for deans and associate deans are non-voting, but students are allowed to vote on search committees for vice presidents in administrative positions and other administrative employees.

Armenian community gathers to commemorate genocide

Sandy Archila April 21, 2006
The 1915 Armenian genocide was commemorated by more than 200 Armenian-American students, parents, CSUN faculty and community members as they gathered for a candlelight vigil April 20 on the Matador Bookstore Lawn. The Armenian Student Association held its annual candlelight vigil to commemorate the estimated 1.

Panelists discuss academic freedom

Sandy Archila April 20, 2006
Academic freedom, a topic recently causing heated local and national legal debate, was discusssed at the first two days of the Defining Academic Freedom Conference on at the Sierra Center. "Academic freedom is crucial for any society that wants to continue to get better," said keynote speaker, Evan Gerstmann, chair of the Political Science department at Loyola Marymount University.

SAT scoring errors worry prospective CSUN students

Sandy Archila April 5, 2006
Only a few prospective CSUN students had SAT scores that were incorrectly scored by the college board, said a CSUN official. Eric Forbes, director of Admissions and Records at CSUN, said about six applicants were affected by the scoring errors, but the score discrepancy was not drastic enough to affect their admission to the university.

Redwood Hall receives wall mural, makeover

Sandy Archila March 30, 2006
Redwood Hall is getting a makeover. For weeks the exterior south side of the building has been under renovation. A new sports mural, tram stop, and landscape refurbishment project are all part of an effort to update Redwood Hall's image. Art students submitted designs for the public sports mural for Redwood Hall.

CSUN students, professors join immigration protest

Sandy Archila March 28, 2006
Hundreds of thousands of people packed the streets of downtown Los Angeles March 25 to protest pending federal legislation designed to enforce stricter immigration laws and increase border security. A passionate and vocal crowd came out to protest HR 4437 - a bill that if passed would make it a felony to help undocumented immigrants, create new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants, increase the number of border security officers, and to allow the construction of a large fence at the U.
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