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  • September 18CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 1,281 new cases, 22 deaths in L.A. County

Is America safe after 9/11?

Yohanna Baez

October 5, 2006

America was never safe before 9/11. Pursuing a war in Afghanistan and Iraq has provoked the next generation of terrorists five years later. The illusion of being "untouchable" that Americans lived under was uncovered five years ago, by experiencing a problem caused by extremists the rest of the global co...

Security, privacy, etcetera

Yohanna Baez

September 13, 2006

Because of the new Facebook "Facelift," I am 10 percent more paranoid these last few days. Not only am I jittery and nervous with classes starting, I have to now look over my shoulder online. Being mildly frantic is not fun. For those of you who don't know, Facebook is the high school, college and unive...

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