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Students sand together in protest of Trump's election

Dream Center will provide attorneys for students in fear of their...

Given Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric, CSUN Dreamers are preparing for the worst.
People shown voting

Unlikely election results motivate students to vote

In an election where votes matter seemingly greater than before, CSUN students still made their way to the voting booths on Election Day.
Trump and Clinton shake hands after debate

Election month-down: with the October surprise comes overdue urgency

With a latent period in hurting the candidates' poll numbers, it will become more determined in who will win the election, which is not necessarily a good thing.
Photo shows DC Society logo with protesters

DC Society: Where does the Sanders campaign go now?

Bernie Sanders' chances at winning the primary are getting smaller. Where does his campaign go if he doesn't win?
Image of a cartoon donkey, matador, and elephant

Politics on campus brings different opinions

Students voice their opinions regarding the 2016 presidential campaign.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shake hands

DC Society: It’s all about the superdelegates

This week, democrats talked about superdelegates. What are superdelegates and why should primary voters care?
Illustration of a map of the United States of America' colored in all black with a gray Marijuana leaf drawn on top of the map.

North America is heading toward marijuana legalization

With aspects of all three North American countries supporting the notion of marijuana legalization, it's time to bring a swift end to the pathetic drug war.

Poll: Who do you think won the Republican debate?

The GOP candidates are back, and has anything changed since we last saw them together?

How to be historically and culturally insensitive, featuring Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson's sickening rhetoric has helped him rise in the polls. And while he may not win the nomination, he refuses to back down.

Poll: Were you expecting Joe Biden to run for president?

Everyone's just going along with Joe.

Not enough “Bern” and not ready for Hillary

As Sanders flickers, Clinton reaches out for something or someone in this first debate.

Brush past the scandals, and let’s get on with it!

In the first Democratic debate, Sanders was able to get to the point, past all of Clinton's drama.
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