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Jeff Biggers discussed his book on Arizona laws

Jeff Biggers discussed his book on Arizona laws

Charlie Kaijo

October 2, 2012

  Jeff Biggers spoke about his book, “State Out of the Union,” Tuesday to a packed crowd of students and faculty. “Everybody loves to mock Arizona. Florida opened a new chain restaurant, it said, ‘Our food is so authentically Mexican, it was banned in Arizona,’” he said. Dr. ...

Jeff Biggers will speak on Arizona immigration laws at CSUN

Jeff Biggers will speak on Arizona immigration laws at CSUN

Christina Cocca

September 30, 2012

The speed limit: 65. The car speed: 80. Police lights begin the strobe of red and blue as a siren hollers and the 80-mile-an-hour car is directed to the side of Interstate 10 leaving Phoenix. As the cop approaches, he sees a man who appears to be Latino. The man rolls down the window, and the officer...

MEChA travels to Arizona to do political campaigning and see how the recent law is being enacted

Angela Melero

November 17, 2010

Members of the Chicana/o studies club, MEChA, traveled to Arizona for a weekend of political campaigning. Students including junior Omar Romero, communications major, campaigned for the congressional candidate for the Democratic party, Raul Grijalva. “I’m a hard-core democrat and wanted t...

Students and professors discuss Arizona Immigration Law

Angela Melero

October 8, 2010

A panel comprising professors and students had the opportunity to share its candid thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding the topic of immigration. MEChA hosted the Immigration Forum Thursday afternoon in the Matador Square. The panel’s roster included Chicano/a studies professors Dr. Ro...

Students celebrate “Endependence Day” and raise awareness about political issues

Students celebrate

Katie Donahue

September 19, 2010

Political issues were close to the surface at the annual Endependence Day event in the Chicano House. The event, which was hosted by MEChA had performances by Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc, followed by Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN and the CSUN Mexican Music Ensemble club on Friday night. “The event is mainly to promote self-dependency,” said senior Jose Gomez, 22, MEChA internal chair. Hip-hop artists Sherman and Olmeca also performed. Various vendors tabled...

Get over yourself, Arizona

Harrison Leonard

May 3, 2010

Harrison Leonard contributing columnist I am a conservative opposed to Arizona’s recently passed immigration law. SB1070 does not reach five pages in length. It is not specific. It “mandates” that law enforcement avoid any form of racial profiling as a basis for detaining suspected illegal aliens, b...

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