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Artists among us: the Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition features student talent

Liana Hofer

April 28, 2011

Hanging strips of a fax cartridge, a bloody map and a television displaying kinetic type can all be found in one place: CSUN’s Juried Art Student Exhibition. Showing at the main gallery of the Art Center, this annual exhibit features 88 artworks by CSUN students, selected by three judges from more than 350 submissions. Accor...

CSUN faculty exhibits its art at West Gallery on campus

Krista Daly

March 20, 2011

Puppetry, photography, quilting and silk screening are a few pieces on display at the first art show exclusively for CSUN faculty and staff. “Flipside: The After Hours Art of CSUN Faculty and Staff” will be at the West Gallery on campus until March 24. Michelle Giacopuzzi, art gallery exhib...

Professor’s passion for activism influences his art

Brian De Los Santos

March 16, 2011

Professor Harry Gamboa Jr.’s first masterpiece involved a couple cans of spray paint and a wall at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which served as his canvas. In 1972, Gamboa and two other members of his art entourage, Asco (Spanish for nauseated), had asked a museum curator at LACMA why Chicano art was nonexistent in the museum and he told them Latinos did not partake in art but rather in gangs. The art group respond...

CSUN Art Gallery showcases assemblage art made of recycled material


December 1, 2010

Assemblage art has made its way to the CSUN art gallery this fall semester in the exhibit “Outside.” “Outside” has been up since Oct. 23, and it features assemblage artists Esteban Bojorquez and Kai Bob Cheng. To work in assemblage means the artist takes recycled products that are normally th...

MOCA Grand Ave: The Artist’s Museum

Liana Hofer

December 1, 2010

Los Angelenos who have a special place in their hearts for local artists can find an array of work at the “Artist’s Museum” showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The temporary exhibit, which runs until Jan. 31, features artwork from 146 artists around Los Angeles. The more than 250...

“Let Them Eat LACMA” event explores food culture

Liana Hofer

November 8, 2010

The cultures of eating and art met at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Sunday, where visitors were treated to tasty exhibits about the different aspects of food. As odd as it was entertaining, “Let Them Eat LACMA” was eight hours of performances, contests, and displays from 50 different ...

Oviatt exhibits “Drifters: Plastics, Pollution, Personhood” artwork

Aimee Lastrella

November 3, 2010

The Oviatt Library presentation room was filled with drift garbage Wednesday. CSUN students and staff gathered to hear and see the artwork and discussion of artist and Georgia State University Professor, Pam Longobari. Longobari spoke about her recent artworks and project called “Drifters: Plastics,...

Project Ethos melds fashion, art and music to promote new artists during L.A.’s Fashion Week

Angela Melero

October 25, 2010

roject Ethos celebrated new talent at its L.A. Fashion Week event Friday night at the Avalon in Hollywood. The event combined fashion, music and art with a line-up that included two runway fashion shows and live musical performances. Art student and event attendee Brian Aspinwall, 28, said the...

A year’s worth of vibrant personalities on display at the “Music Icons” exhibit on campus

A year’s worth of vibrant personalities on display at the “Music Icons” exhibit on campus

Liana Hofer

October 13, 2010

Louis Armstrong may have passed away almost 40 years ago, but miraculously, he looks to be alive and well at the CSUN campus, energetically blowing his trumpet, with eyes wide, like there’s no tomorrow. At least, that’s what one of the paintings in the “Music Icons of the 20th Century” exhi...

Art professor Joy von Wolffersdorff uses her art to express environmental concerns

Art professor Joy von Wolffersdorff uses her art to express environmental concerns

Leonie Jones

September 15, 2010

Joy von Wolffersdorff, artist and CSUN art professor, is determined to bring attention to the climate change crisis, a topic she is passionate about, through her art. “I hope that when people view my art work they will spend a little longer thinking about climate change,” von Wolffersdorff said. Von...

Art professor Owen Doonan studies ruins in Turkey

Reanna Delgadillo

September 13, 2010

Art professor Owen P. Doonan has embarked on a research tour nearly every summer for the past 15 years to study and document ancient sites in Turkey. Doonan has traveled many miles along his journey and even published his own book “Sinop Landscapes: Exploring Connection in a Black Sea Hinterland.” “I...

Project Ethos rolls out the red carpet

Kristin Hirai

March 24, 2010

With the sophisticated appeal of fashion, music, and art, Project Ethos presented a red carpet event featuring a fashion show for “Project Runway” collections on the first night of L.A. Fashion Week. Walking up The Music Box @ Fonda Theater last Friday night music from DJ Mando Fresko could be h...

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