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Brew means more than just coffee at the USU

clear cup with beer inside a man with a black shirt with his back turned to the camera

Nick Rose

March 29, 2018

As students are wrapping up mid-term season and with finals looming in the distance, many students need a place of Zen that set’s their mind at ease while dealing with the stresses of academics. If combing a rock garden or selecting the perfect blend of herbal tea doesn’t cut it, it may just be...

Downtown LA bar has 1Up on competition

Downtown LA bar has 1Up on competition

Jonathan R. Diaz

October 22, 2014

With Downtown Los Angeles becoming a hotspot for nightlife in recent years, it can be difficult for a new bar to stand out from the crowd. At EightyTwo in the Arts District, the answer is as simple as video games. Now these aren’t video games you’d find at your local Dave & Buster’s, bu...

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