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Beat the Blues with the BLUES Project

Two blue pinwheels are shown on the Oviatt Lawn

Michele Rodriguez

November 14, 2016

According to Healthline, nearly half of all students in college experience symptoms of depression. From deadlines and exams to living alone for the first time, many students find their stress increasing and may find it hard to cope. The BLUES Project at CSUN consists of a group of peer educators who aim ...

Beat The Blues Week continues with tabling fair, activities and giveaways

Blues Project member, Mayra Ruiz, 21, junior psychology major, writes her own inspirational saying on a ballon for the Beat the Blues Week at CSUN on Nov. 19. Photo Credit: Araceli Castillo/Photo Editor

Araceli Castillo

November 19, 2014

  Students were able to share their deep thoughts and feelings anonymously with others as part of The Blues Project’s tabling fair during Beat the Blues Week at CSUN. The tabling fair attracted students with various group and individual activities to help alleviate stress. The staff hande...

Well-known surfer encourages students at ‘Speak Your Blues’ night

Well-known surfer encourages students at 'Speak Your Blues' night

Negin Daneshfar

November 22, 2013

Jesse Billauer was surfing the waves on a typical day at Malibu Beach when he pulled out on a wave and another wave rushed in that forced him headfirst into shallow water and broke his neck. “At that moment my whole life just stopped,” Billauer said. “I didn’t really know what to think. I wante...

Students rise beyond the blues of depression and suicide at ‘Candlelight Vigil’

Students rise beyond the blues of depression and suicide at 'Candlelight Vigil'

Abigaelle Levray

November 21, 2013

The Beat the Blues and Trans Awareness Week hosted a combined candlelight vigil to commemorate the lives of those lost to suicide and to strengthen and encourage those who have experienced depression. Guest speaker, Finn McMillan spoke about his own depression and struggle to feel comfortable as a transgender man. McMillan, 23, was born with female sex ...

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